Mens Celebrity Fashion

Taking style inspiration from celebrities can enhance the way you dress. Therefore we regularly update with men’s celebrity fashion features.

feature image kurtcobain

Style Icon: Kurt Cobain

It’s seems somewhat ironic labelling Kurt Cobain with the style icon moniker. After all, this was a man who made a career out of shunning the world, singing abo...
feature image idriselba

Style Icon: Idris Elba

Very rare is the occasion when a talented actor makes that much of an impact that the whole world stands up and takes notice. With an impressive filmography und...
feature image pharrell

Style Icon: Pharrell

Here at MFM we are forever in admiration of a stylish gentleman who has more than a few ‘strings’ to his proverbial bow. Someone who likes to dabble in as many ...
feature image dan stevens

Style Icon: Dan Stevens

Style can come in all forms these days, from a movie star, a musician or even a character in a book. We feel it’s an extra bonus when we can enjoy the style of ...
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Award Winning Style

Red carpets are being rolled out, stylists are working overtime and Hollywood’s glamorous are pulling out all the stops; award season is well and truly underway...