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Tuesday 03rd March 2015,
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Mens Scarves With S Buckinghams

We all love scarves; in the midst of winter they can be an assured lifesaver in the perilous depths of a snowstorm that has erupted seemingly from nowhere. Despite their primary use of keeping us warm, the common scarf has worked its firm way into the depths of both fashion and culture; Dr Who, Harry Potter and Rupert the Bear are all famous wearers of the scarf.

With that in mind, here are some of the best scarves to be found wearing this winter:

Black Dress Scarf and Bow Set

Almost like something out of a fabulous Scott Fitzgerald novel, this fine scarf and bow tie accompaniment show just how elegant and graceful scarves can be.

Available from, this scarf is of use for fine dining and the visiting of the classiest of restaurants; making the use of this scarf a  sure treat for any occasion.

S Buckinghams Scarf 1

Camel Scarf by Lloyd Attree & Smith

A more conservative scarf that is best saved for an evening in a real ale pub or a visit to the in-laws, this fashionably minimalistic offering is a scarf that is designed to offer comfort, style and a sure barrier against the bitterness of winter.

S Buckinghams Camel Scarf

Golden Leafed Scarf

Something rather more aloof, this rather confident scarf is designed towards the more assured gentleman who would probably be seen driving in a pair of exquisite leather gloves. With that in mind however, this wonder is available to everyone and would make a great introduction to any formal event.

S Buckinghams Golden Leafed Scarf

Blue Striped Scarf

Taking a brief stint into the more contemporary kind of scarf, this wonderfully striped item is one that is to be enjoyed more by the younger folk in life. A great item to be worn at any time of the day, or at any Sheffield Wednesday football match, this scarf is a great stocking filler for any young man.

S Buckinghams Blue Striped Scarf

Rainbow Scarf

Something for the Sir who isn’t afraid of a little fun, this brightly coloured scarf offers just that. With an ensemble of wonderful colours for a season that is not very colourful, this bought as a personal treat or gift, is the perfect way to brighten up a winter day.

S Buckinghams Rainbow Scarf

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