Men’s leisure: 6 ideas for active winter recreation

The worn-out ski slopes, relaxation on the warm coast by the ocean, or standard excursions to the cities of the world – this no longer surprises any traveler. Sometimes men need rest, where they can find inspiration for the next deeds. In this article, we have collected a few ideas for the male population on how to have an unforgettable winter weekend.

Fishing in Finland

Fishing is a great retreat for men. To perpetuate your experience and memories, you should definitely go fishing in a country where no inhabitant can imagine life without fishing. The severe Lapland offers many opportunities for guests looking to improve their ice fishing skills. Here, the choice of a catch is incredibly large, and to do your favorite thing, you do not need to get special permission.

Stock up on thermoses, hot sandwiches, and a unique opportunity to witness the northern lights.

Driving VIP class cars

Every man dreams of driving luxury cars at least once in his life. Vip car rental Dubai gives such an opportunity to anyone who wishes. Driving a stunning Rolls Royce or Ferrari will bring memories of a lifetime. Among other things, you get a unique opportunity to see Dubai in all its glory. Experience the luxury of living and hundreds of horsepower under the hood in the most prosperous emirate.

Relaxation on thermal springs

Not only do girls have a weakness for relaxing in hot springs. The ancient Romans stopped in Budapest more than two thousand years ago to relieve their fatigue and feel like they were reborn. This city is famous for the fact that there are more than a hundred thermal springs on its territory. Here you can find many spas with pools and sauna baths. In addition to full relaxation, men can undergo specialized bath therapy if they have problems with the spine or joints after heavy physical exertion.

Snowmobiling on the ice of Lake Baikal

Men are often fans of extreme recreation. Eastern Siberia in Russia opens up the opportunity for you to get adrenaline and a boost of energy while riding a snowmobile on the deepest lake in the world, where ice is clear and transparent in winter.

In addition to the extreme trip, here you can enjoy the unique nature of the mountains and pine forests. Be sure to enjoy a dinner of the peoples of Buryatia and steam in a Siberian bath.

Ice diving

Many are familiar with diving into the waters of the oceans, where you can observe the life of marine inhabitants. For men who do not care about cold and frost, there is an opportunity to try ice diving. Such an activity can be done in France at the Tignes ski resort or on Lake Baikal or in the White Sea in Russia.

While diving under the ice in winter, you can watch underwater life. On Baikal, you will see underwater caves and tunnels, and in the White Sea, you can watch underwater inhabitants and sunken ships.

Speed ​​Bobsled

Every man at least once in his life dreamed of riding a bob. Many countries such as Latvia, Switzerland, and Austria give this opportunity to ordinary travelers and tourists.

The bobsleigh track in Sigulda is open to all comers on weekends when athletes take a break from training. Here, the most avid speed fans can ride a bob that accelerates to 100 km/h. The second option is for two people, where you can ride headfirst and accelerate to 70 km/h.

The Swiss resort of St. Moritz is the birthplace of modern sport. The track located here is the oldest in the world. In winter, everyone will be able, under the guidance of professionals, to ride along this track and accelerate to 135 km/h.

In the Austrian city of Igls, there is a 1260-meter track. Here you can ride a bob and accelerate to 120 km/h.

Every man needs a break from everyday worries and hard work. By choosing one of the non-standard ways of rest, you are guaranteed to get a lot of emotions and a boost of energy for a long time.