Men’s Jewelry Essentials: Bracelets You Shouldn’t Be Without

It wasn’t so long ago that the very title of this article would raise eyebrows. Until recently, the only jewelry associated with men, especially those that would be considered essential pieces, was a watch and a wedding band. To a lesser extent, you might consider cufflinks and a signet ring. That isn’t to say that men didn’t wear jewelry.

There’s always been a market for men’s jewelry, but the idea of it being mainstream is a recent phenomenon. With today’s dapper gents looking for jewelry that can be worn daily or for special occasions and express their personal style, there can only be a greater range of choices and availability.

As well as changes in fashion, market forces have had a hand in the increasing trend of men’s jewelry. The watch market has been somewhat blighted by grey market retailers marking up the price of watches by two to five times the manufacturer’s recommended price. Unless you want to pay silly money, investing in a quality timepiece is not very good value. Savvy men know there is a time when the over-retail watch prices will come down, yet sterling silver and gold will hold their values. 

Why Should Men Wear Jewelry?

These days, it is perhaps more relevant to ask why shouldn’t they. The right piece of jewelry can add that perfect finishing touch that elevates an outfit from normal to super. Women have so much more freedom in their choice of outfits, so with men limited to suits, shirts, and trousers with or without a blazer, regardless of the massive range of styles, colors, and patterns, the accessories the man chooses can make him stand out in the crowd.

The man who chooses to wear jewelry is confident and stylish and says,” Hey, look at me, I know what I like, and I want to show you. My choices are considered, I have attention to detail and are part of who I am”.

The Fall and Rise of Men’s Bracelets

Men wore bracelets for centuries before the idea of men wearing jewelry generally fell out of favor. In prehistoric and ancient societies, men would wear circles of shells and bones to ward off evil spirits. As civilization evolved, bracelets of precious metals were worn by wealthy men as a display of their status and power. Male jewelry was especially favored in the Renaissance, where earrings also became de rigor for stylish and wealthy men.

Male jewelry was all about getting noticed. Men commissioned the best jewelers to show off their wealth. It was also a way for the rulers of lands to bestow favor on their subjects. Jewelry was also a way to show allegiance.

As society’s structures began to change in the 18th and 19th centuries, men began to distance themselves from wearing jewelry and demonstrated wealth and power differently. As we moved through the 20th century, men’s jewelry essentials became limited to a watch. Then gradually, it became more mainstream for men to wear wedding bands.

But we know that trends come and go. It may have taken a few hundred years but men’s jewelry including bracelets is fashionable again. It will never reach the height of blinginess of the Renaissance, but men’s jewelry is a fantastic way of expressing style and personality.

3 Reasons to Wear a Bracelet

It’s a conversation starter. Isn’t it always better to talk about something interesting and intriguing than the weather? A bracelet story can break into a lull in a conversation or prompt someone to strike up a dialogue with the wearer.

It creates an association. Although a wearer makes an individual choice when putting on a bracelet, they are an automatic qualifier in society. Bracelets can have special meanings, such as an expression of faith or showing support for a cause. It is not necessary, but a bracelet can be an identifier to a societal group to which you belong.

Because you want to. Why should you not? The man who wears a bracelet makes a style choice precisely the same way as the man who chooses to wear a tie clip, stud earring, or a pendant necklace. Women don’t need excuses to adorn themselves with jewelry items, nor do men.

5 Fabulous Men’s Bracelets

Chain Bracelet

Chain Bracelet

Chunky yet sophisticated and balanced, this simple link chain bracelet, available in rose gold or white gold (14 Kt), makes a statement without shouting. Suitable for every occasion, but unless of the same color as your watch bracelet, it is best worn on the opposite wrist to your watch. Available online at Moyen & Co. Jewellers or in-person at their Westlake Village, California retail store. 

Snake Pattern Bracelet

Geometric links fit together to form a realistic-looking snakeskin pattern for this simple but eye-catching bracelet. The hidden clasp adds to the effect of a continuous bangle. Easy and comfortable to wear, it fits great with a watch with a strap of the same color as the 14Kt gold (yellow gold or white gold). It also looks great on its own or as a stacked ensemble. Wear it with a suit or show it off in a t-shirt.

Leather and Diamond Bangle

Take the leather bracelet trend to the next level. A leather bangle has become one of the men’s jewelry essentials in the last few years, but if you want one to stand out from the crowd, this is the one. The sleek black rubber bangle features a continuous line of small diamonds set in white, yellow, or rose gold around the center while the secure clasp in the same gold choice adds the finishing touch.

Black Diamond Bracelet

What a stunner. It looks so simple, and only the wearer will know how special this piece of jewelry is. Small black diamonds with a total weight of 3.3 carats are set into a circle of 14k black-rhodium gold. If ever a bangle could glitter with darkness, it’s this one. Conservative yet statement-making works for almost any setting except maybe a watch in vivid color. If stylish men want to layer bracelets, think of this one instead of a beaded bracelet.

Links and Diamonds Bracelet

Another demonstration of how small diamonds can make men’s jewelry something ordinary. Why choose a plain link bracelet when you can make a statement with this stylish bracelet? From a distance, it looks just like a regular chain bracelet but close up; you’ll see the incredible detail created by clusters of links set with pave diamonds.

Bracelets can be worn daily or on a whim. Men’s bracelets have a mass of variety in style, shape, size, material, color, and design. Some are fitting for special occasions; others look good in everyday situations. Choose a bracelet if you want a versatile accessory to reflect your personality, be an extension of your style, and add the finishing touch.