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Monday 02nd March 2015,
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Mens Hairstyle Trends Fall 2012

Mens hairstyles are becoming ever-more daring and it’s no longer just women who are allowed to preen their locks. Building on trends from the previous few years this is my essential guide to styles that you should be rocking this fall!

Slicked Back Undercut

slicked back undercut hairstyleThe slicked back undercut has still been rocking on the catwalks and it’s still an essential trend going into the upcoming year. There are a few variations of the style remaining popular and for those not feeling the ‘undercut’ essence of the style why not ask your stylist to blend in the sides more for a less extreme look.

For a super sleeked back look it’s best to use a light putty, rubbing this through the hair, combing into place then spraying with a fixing gel spray or hairspray to keep it firm and in place, thus creating a super suave Gentleman style.

For a less carefree approach use straighteners and then a styling powder to create a pushed back look that’s more daytime and casual as seen for example on the Spring/Summer catwalks of Philip Lim.

Slick Comb-Over

Sticking with the sleekness of the previous style the slick comb-over is similar however the hair needs to be generally longer for this and it is then simply parted on the side and combed over. Dries Van Noten used this look for Spring/Summer catwalks as did Raf Simons so I therefore predict it will be a big trend coming into 2013. I recommend a wet gel for this look as the sheen is part of the style and a product such as a gel is the perfect tool to achieve the look.

comb over dries van outenComb-over Raf Simons

Messy Centre-Part

For those no longer traumatised of the style when it was last in trend back in the nineties (think Backstreet Boys) how about going for a longer style parted through the centre. I suggest that this style is best suited to those who have wavy to curly hair and when styling it is important that it is kept messy to avoid the 90’s boyband look. On certain people it can be a very effective hairstyle but it’s best to talk to your stylist or barber to get their opinion on whether it’s for you.

Classic Short-Crop

The crop is one of the most versatile styles and is easy to maintain due to it being shorter. It suits almost anyone too so it’s a really easy style to pull off. Nicole Farhi used the style on the catwalks as did Hermes opting for a polished matt finish on the hair. Pomades or matt waxes are the best for shorter hair as they give you more control whilst taming the hair into place without it looking overloaded with product

Natural Quiff

Seen on catwalks shows such as Canali the quiff is a perfect option for those seasoned stylers. Blow-drying the hair with height is essential to this and it’s important that the hair is left free from heavy product as to achieve a more natural look. A blow dry cream is the best way to go, then a small amount of wax should be sufficient enough to finish the style and tame the flyaways.

What hairstyle will you be rocking this Fall 2012?

Let us know.

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