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Mens Fashion Trends – Sportswear Influenced

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Functional Fashion  Sports style with a Sense of Sophistication

A key trend this Spring/Summer 2012 is Sportswear, but not in its simplest form; we’re talking spinning sportswear style with a sense of sophistication and functionality. As the Olympics draws nearer it is a no-brainer that high street sportswear brands are collaborating with sought after high-end designers to create fashion for men with functionality, durability and that chic Shoreditch style. High-end designers showcasing this sportswear style has most definitely has given rise to the need for functional sportswear. Hence the peak in sportswear brands collaborating with the most fabulous of fashionista’s such as Adidas and Yohi Yamamoto in 2002, Nike and Jun Takahashi and Puma with Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen. These collaborations all seem to have fine-tuned a balance between fashion and functionality for him.

Although it has to be said that Dries Van Noten got the whole waterproof look down to a T in terms of the weather this S/S ’12, it is questionable as to whether this high-end sportswear look is one that can be pulled off on a day to day basis by the everyday Londoner; this designer is one to watch.

This season we are not just talking about sportswear being made fashionable for your next gym workout, but also functional for day to day to day activities. For a more manageable style for the modern male consider reviving those retro wardrobe classics and follow these few top tips to Summer Sports Style:

The Polo by Uniqlo:

“Featuring sharp cut collars for sleekness, a range of colours for every mood and every style, the incorporation of Dry technology to wick away moisture and to keep you dry and comfortable”

Lots of Layering:

Create a retro yet casual look, keeping cool in the summer and warm in any awful adverse weather conditions. Take a look at Jack Wills; a brand that does this layered-look oh so well.


Team with Tailoring:

Every London lad needs fashion with functionality and so sportswear style teamed with a suit or chinos statement says ‘I’m cool yet still chic’.  Versatility is key; so a blazer jacket that you can add to any casual outfit or creating a fitted silhouette will give your look that tasteful twist.

Take a look at these:


High-Top Hype:

Those 80’s high-tops are brilliant and bang on trend. You may have a pair or two at the back of your wardrobe or you may need a little inspiration as to what hot with this hype, take a sneaky peep at these…

Top Tip: Make sure you keep to the classics, add some retro running trainers and 80’s sports branded T’s will keep you looking cool. However, there are loads of things that are hot this S/S but jogging bottoms and string vests are not.

Conscious consumers are shopping more cleverly and so buying sportswear that is functional and that can be worn on a daily basis as well as at the gym can only give credit to the designer for durability and quality of design, it would seem that functionality in sportswear it not only needed but necessary. Bravo to those designers that are bringing back versatile, vintage sports style.

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