Men’s Fashion Trends in 2021

An unprecedented pandemic struck the year 2020, forcing the entire world to take extraordinary precautions. As the world moves forward to 2021, the measures undertaken in 2020 have also impacted fashion trends moving forward. Comfort becomes a top priority for many, but never at the expense of style.

Going Out for the Day

Men value transparency. Men’s best chance at exhibiting their flair is through a casual dress code. Men’s casual wear is an open invitation to dress in whatever feels most comfortable to you, whether it’s slick or rugged, posh, or down-to-earth. Moreover, dressing casually is about achieving the correct blend of comfort, uniqueness, and style — stylish yet functional ensembles – rather than focusing solely on formality.

Casual wear usually bases itself on a set of fundamentals and timeless essentials that serve as the foundation for your style. Do not be afraid of experimenting and mixing and matching casual pants like well-fitted jeans or chinos with casual button-down shirts and sneakers to get the most of your wardrobe-essentials.

Going to the Beach 

When going to the beach, wear an ensemble with bright colors and floral designs. Bright colors and flower patterns intensify the holiday spirit and, not to mention, look fantastic in photographs. Because of the moderate temperatures in seaside cities, half-sleeved shirts are preferable to full-sleeved shirts.

Get Your Game On

A monochromatic outfit combination is a great yet often underutilized style choice that might help you step up your game. By not visually splitting the body in half, the monochromatic combination elongates the body, making you appear taller and thinner. Furthermore, it is a terrific method to emphasize your favorite accessories like shoes or belts because it is a clean and casual look.

Better stick to blues and neutrals first while constructing your monochrome wardrobe base. As you gain confidence in mixing and matching neutrals and blues, it will be easier for you to incorporate color and pattern in your ensemble when you feel so. 

If you are for a slightly more adventurous look, tone-on-tone casual outfits are a terrific alternative to solid-color ensembles. The slightest color change between a top and bottom can create a tremendous difference in the outfit’s overall feel. From classic navy slacks and light blue shirt pairs, tone-on-tone outfit matches are endless. For one, grey tones sport a highly contemporary, futuristic look.

An important note before going for a tone-on-tone effect, make sure the hues match and are complementary. All colors, for example, can have a warm or cool tint. If you are going to wear blue, make sure both blues are either warm or chilly. Warm blues have a red, orange, pink, or purple hue, whereas cool blues have a green or yellow cast.

You can take these looks up a notch by going for a more comfortable, baggy look. Find the best shirt to complete your monochromatic or tone-on-tone look at the nearest plus size boutique.

Bar Hopping

Are you going bar-hopping? Wear a bomber jacket on turned-up jeans, a basic tee, and your favorite sneakers for a laid-back look. Out for a date night? Go casual and cool with an edgy leather jacket with a waffle knit and boots for a chill, bad boy vibe. Up your game by matching either jacket with slim-fit chinos or slender-fit jeans.

People are continuously looking for ways to express themselves and showcase their uniqueness in front of others; one way is through fashion and clothing. Specifically, people frequently use current fashion trends to show their point of view and lifestyle. As fashion and lifestyle rely on rapidly shifting trends that allow customers to buy garments as frequently as they want, sticking with fads might not be the best avenue for self-expression.

If following a trend appears to be the only thing you have going for you, your wardrobe will become obsolete as soon as the trend shifts. Then, you will have to fix or update it frequently. Trendy products quickly become outmoded, and they are also tough to mix and match. Thus, it is essential to choose an outfit that flatters you and stick with it.

The ability to correctly distinguish between fads and future classics is crucial to maintaining your sartorial elegance. Yet, as much as we would love you to embrace men’s fashion trends in 2021, we would love it more to see you be confident in the best suit that no trend can replace. If you find a comfortable style, go for it because you will never feel better than when you find the style that matches how you want to see yourself.