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  • Unlikely Origins Of Fashion Trends

    Unlikely Origins Of Fashion Trends

    The staples of today’s fashion environment were not always seen as such, and indeed, many come from areas that are decidedly unrelated to fashion. While trends of fashion can be created by the fashion industry itself, often they simply arise from practicality and make their way into the public eye via adoption by the upper…

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  • Pyjamas Versus Tuxedos

    Pyjamas Versus Tuxedos

    Casual vs formal, comfortable vs styled and common vs classy – in the past there was always a very clear divide between these fashions, that being that one was considered fashionable and the other was considered not. You could look at the clothes of a man on the street and know almost instantly where they…

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  • 5 SS16 Trends From LC:M

    5 SS16 Trends From LC:M

    LC:M can often to pass by too quickly and it’s difficult to take in all of the designs. Our latest article, however, has narrowed down five trends we saw at the fashion week. Read on for all of the details.

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  • AW15 Trend: Grey On Grey Tailoring

    AW15 Trend: Grey On Grey Tailoring

    Sometimes simplicity is the best ways to enhance style, and it can be very easy to often overcomplicate colour combinations. With London Collections: Men showcasing some fine tailoring, it was great to see the tonal grey on grey combination make it onto a few catwalks. In partnership with Lynx, we walk you through the best way…

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  • How To Wear The Luxe-Position Trend

    How To Wear The Luxe-Position Trend

    Luxe-Position is a term casually thrown around the streets of the fashion capitals in the world. Uncompromising with an eccentric twist, this emerging street trend combines different formal elements in one look – creating something completely original. Such as, mismatching luxury pieces with iconic contemporary accessories like the baseball cap. At this time of year,…

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  • Trends: Backpacks

    Trends: Backpacks

    Way back in the 90’s when I was still in my youth and packets of crisps were still preferred to pints, the backpack was the go to choice of schoolbag. Some people had those Gola satchels and others had barrel bags made cool by American Apparel in recent times (one lad, I kid you not,…

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  • Winter Essentials: Roll Neck Jumpers

    Winter Essentials: Roll Neck Jumpers

    Winter is, for many, a wonderful time of year; it brings forth new seasonal styles, Christmas and (if you’re fond of it) snow. The cold is something I am prone to feeling a little more than others so the obsession over knitwear and new or returning styles becomes completely understandable. There are always going to…

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