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  • The Ultimate Gym Style Guide

    The Ultimate Gym Style Guide

    With the arrival of the New Year, for most of us it’s the time to reflect on our lifestyles and strive to improve our health, work or relationships. Everyone knows the best catalyst to banish those January blues is to get fit! If you plan on joining a gym or taking up a new hobby…

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  • How To Freshen Up Your Look For 2015

    How To Freshen Up Your Look For 2015

    With 2014 done and dusted, may 2015 bring us all great health, prosperity and happiness over the coming year. After the whirlwind of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we face the first bizarre weeks of the New Year; pledging resolutions and seeking inspirational influence from others. It is during this time that not only do…

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  • Wide Leg Trousers: The Skinny Jeans Of 2015?

    Wide Leg Trousers: The Skinny Jeans Of 2015?

    When American indie rockers The Strokes first hit it big with the mesmeric Is This it? back in 2001, it was not only their catchy rock-pop rifts and short sharp lyrics that caught the imagination of a generation; these scruffy young upstarts almost singlehandedly changed the dynamic of the way young men dress with their…

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  • NYE Party Style Guide

    NYE Party Style Guide

    With 2015 quickly approaching, and all the celebratory events that follow, if you’re in dire need of some style inspiration after the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we have just the tips for you. Whether it’s a smart affair, low-key lunch or just a mate’s house party it’s important that you look and feel great,…

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  • How To Master The Black Tie Look

    How To Master The Black Tie Look

    With the festive season well and truly upon us, it’s vital at this time of year to get your attire just right. For those who have an exquisite function to attend over the Christmas or just wishing to brush up on knowledge about formal attire – we have an inspiration guide for you to feast…

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  • Luxury Sleepwear To Own This Christmas

    Luxury Sleepwear To Own This Christmas

    It is now at that time of year where we spend most of our time in darkness. When we wake up, go to work and even when we come home it feels like we are stuck in permanent nightfall. Even the weather recently only offers up a rapid chain from cold, to rain and then…

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  • Christmas Jumpers To Wear This Season

    Christmas Jumpers To Wear This Season

    It’s one of the most talked about and sought after garments this season – Christmas just isn’t complete without a festive jumper. Whether you’re on the fence and hate the idea of it or you’re on the lookout for this year’s knit to wear over the holidays - we have a collection of festive knits…

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  • Style Essentials: High End, High Street

    Style Essentials: High End, High Street

    For anyone like me who happens to be a few years north of 30, navigating the high-street can be a tricky business. So often when we weave in and out of the weekend shoppers will we see kids with haircuts we never knew existed, colours so bright sunglasses are required on rainy days and logos…

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  • The Definitive Christmas Gift Shopping Guide

    The Definitive Christmas Gift Shopping Guide

    With mid-December quickly approaching, the mammoth task of Christmas shopping is upon us once again. Whether you love or loathe the festive season, it’s time to get your thinking cap on for choosing the perfect gifts. Whether you have a secret Santa coming up, friends or family presents to choose, it can be a tricky…

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