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Mens Fashion Basics

  • Fashion Basics: Mens Summer Footwear

    Fashion Basics: Mens Summer Footwear

    Summers creeping up on us and it's time to start thinking about what footwear we should be wearing. It's time to ditch clunky footwear and opt for something lighter and something more elegant. Today at MFM we're going to be highlighting some key shoes to go with your elegant looks, and we're also going to…

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  • Mens Style: Spring Knitwear

    Mens Style: Spring Knitwear

    Why is it that us gents think knitwear should only be used in the colder seasons? Obviously the function of general knitwear is to create warmth but there's a variation of knits we can look to utilise in the warmer seasons. By implementing knitwear into our spring look, we can really add unique touches as…

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  • Mens Fashion Basics: Chinos

    Mens Fashion Basics: Chinos

    This time last year, my view of chinos was reduced to a grown up alternative of jeans: the typical light cotton trousers that a well off 40-something man would wear to weekend in the country side. Dogs and summer estates, flowery fields and Sunday roast with the children was my thought association with the item.…

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  • How To Wear: The Polo Shirt

    How To Wear: The Polo Shirt

    The polo shirt has always been easy to wear everyday clothing, and has become a staple in any man’s wardrobe. The polo shirt has become a statement piece for a lot of gents, and stems all the way back to the 19th century, where it was better known as a tennis shirt. The polo shirt…

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  • Style Basics: Mens Bags

    Style Basics: Mens Bags

    There are too many good bags this season for men! Here are more top choices ranging from high-end couture lines, to more affordable brand names for the man of style to enjoy. Every man should have a bag to take out with him on his days out. D&G offer fantastic casual fabric bags that are…

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  • Mens Fashion Basics: Underwear

    Mens Fashion Basics: Underwear

    Underwear is an accessory which is often overlooked by gents. Women focus more on underwear than men do, and again we're playing catch up to the opposite sex. Fair enough, we should be focusing 99.9% of our attention onto the clothing we wear, but wearing decent underwear is still on the agenda. When deciding on…

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  • Men’s Fashion Trend: Neckerchiefs

    Men’s Fashion Trend: Neckerchiefs

    With summer fast approaching, we're starting to see an influence of summer trends within our looks. We typically tend to see a rise of the nautical trend, and the idea that less is more, but this often leads to us guys neglecting accessories. From catwalk reports and sneak peeks into SS12 products from our favourite…

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  • SS12: Men’s Coloured Trousers

    SS12: Men’s Coloured Trousers

    When the spring/summer around the corner, it's common that we see a huge influx of bright colours. A typical way to implement colour into your look is through a shirt or t-shirt, but today we're going to be discussing ways to inject a pop of colour into your wardrobe this season with some colour trousers!…

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  • Fashion Essential: Men’s Bags

    Fashion Essential: Men’s Bags

    Whether you are going for work, have a day at university or are simply going out for a lunch; a man of fashion should always be equipped with the right bag. This season, all brands from the more mainstream Topman and Zara to high-end designers such as Bottega Veneta and Vivienne Westood, are coming out…

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  • How To Wear Christmas Jumpers

    How To Wear Christmas Jumpers

    With Christmas two days away, it's only right we highlight one of Christmas day's guilty pleasures. I'm not talking about playing charades with your 85 year old grandma, or reliving your youth and being madly excited about the presents in store, I’m talking about that ole' famous Christmas jumper. A few seasons ago, that Fair…

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