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Thursday 24th April 2014,
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Mens Fashion Basics: Cartoon T-Shirts

We all like to think of ourselves, as grown up, mature, stylish gentlemen, but at the end of the day we are all susceptible to letting our inner big kid run riot now and again. Boys will be boys and we all never really truly grow up and that is when we realise that the majority of us still have love for cartoons and superheroes. If we look back to when we were young and growing up we all had some form of favourite cartoon character, super hero or Disney film. Here at MFM we are all about embracing our inner child, and can pretty much guarantee that almost all of you will have some sort of cartoon related item in your wardrobes.

If however you find yourself disappointed due to a sever lacking of cartoon related items in your collection, then fear not and read on while we point out some of the most popular cartoon styles available right now.

Cartoons And Comic Books

Comic books and cartoons have been around forever and it’s a familiar style that a lot of people love. We have seen t-shirts feature retro characters such as Danger Mouse and Felix the Cat which can be a nostalgic nod to some of our childhood memories. There are other tees that feature comic book strips very similar to the art style originally known as pop art. These allow for fun styles and images to be worn with pride in a cheeky reference to our internal big kid.

delus teegrey boom tshirtwhite comic tshirt

pop art tshirtfelix tshirtblack wow tshirt


We all know and love Disney, it is something we have all grown up with and there isn’t a single person without a memory that features something Disney related. That is why it comes with no surprise that-shirts featuring some form of Disney character have been readily available basically since time began (or rather since Disney time began). Mickey Mouse always has a featured role but what has become more noticeable is the slow influx of Monster’s Inc tees that have been making appearances with obvious reference to the new film which is out soon. Check out some of our favourite Disney t-shirts below.

outcast milk tshirtrockout tshirtwhite roll tshirt

men pixar tshirtmens graphics tshirtwhite crew tshirt

Super Heroes

We all love super heroes, sometimes we all feel like them or even want to be them. This is an obsession spawned from childhood. Back in the 80’s I had a love for He-Man and Bananaman. These days in my late Twenties I will proudly admit my love for all things Batman, Catwoman and X-Men. There are superhero movies coming at us from all angles including the latest Superman flick Man of Steel (which I am dying to see). So again it comes as no surprise that the styles of superhero tees are within such easy grasp. The tees below are some of our faves.

french superman tshirtoutcase iron tshirtmarvel roll tshirts

white iron tshirtflash tshirtasos tshirt

We Never Truly Grow Up!

These t shirts are a perfect way to pay homage to a childhood hero, or even show how much of a big kid you are by wearing a superhero tee when you go and see the corresponding movie. We are all known to take fashion very seriously so why not inject some fun and rock a cartoon tee. They look great under a blazer or cardigan rocked with a pair of chinos and pumps. Or throw on some tailored shorts for when the sun is hot and high. The great thing about t-shirts in general is the versatility, so add a carton print or graphic and you instantly liven up any potentially dull outfit. So come on, it’s time to admit who you loved as a kid, or even which superhero you love now even as a grown up. Let us know your choice of super power in the box below.

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