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  • The Era of a Streetwear Takeover

    The Era of a Streetwear Takeover

    If you haven’t already noticed, the men’s fashion industry is in the middle of a huge shift in style and direction. Streetwear clothing is gradually making its way into every area of the fashion world; from the office to the nightclub. Streetwear is now such an umbrella term for so many different designs that it…

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  • The Best Tie Styles for Work

    The Best Tie Styles for Work

    Working in a professional environment entails a particular dress code, and that means suits will become part of your every day routine. This is a great opportunity to show off your business attire and look the part, no matter what industry you’re working in. If you’re required to wear a suit and tie as part…

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  • Can Your Clothing Improve Your Poker Game?

    Can Your Clothing Improve Your Poker Game?

    The best poker tournaments, especially when there is a massive money prize involved, attract a lot of eager competitors. You may think otherwise, but the world of poker can get quite colourful. After all, people are so different and so are their poker faces. We are certain that women in this profession, as it is…

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  • The Best Men’s Jeans For Under £30?

    The Best Men’s Jeans For Under £30?

    Jeans are a staple in any man's wardrobe, but how do you shop for them on a budget? With a variety of styles, cuts, brands and retailers to choose from finding the best pair of jeans can be challenging. So in this video, we wanted to do that hard work for you. For just £30,…

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  • Buying Bespoke Trousers From Savile Row

    Buying Bespoke Trousers From Savile Row

    They say bespoke is the holy grail of menswear, and every man should try it at some point in their life. But the word 'bespoke' has changed as fashion has evolved. A quick search online brings up multiple options, including a bespoke 3 piece suit for just £299. But nothing bespoke beats Savile Row bespoke.…

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  • Best White Sneakers Under £50?

    Best White Sneakers Under £50?

    White sneakers are a key staple in any man’s wardrobe, but if you’re like me... you’ve probably gone through a few pairs. I started off wearing Air Force Ones, then vans, then converse, then Stan Smiths, but recently I’ve found myself without a pair in good condition. Fellow white sneaker wearers, you might be able…

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  • The Modern Gent’s Guide To Dressing For The Races

    The Modern Gent’s Guide To Dressing For The Races

    For many men, the races are a chance to gather your nearest and dearest, have a great day out and win some good money. But, for the modern gent, dressing to impress is the main event. Perfecting the iconic look and getting enough preparation in can take time. To help you get suited and booted…

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  • Brand Spotlight: Filippo Loreti

    Brand Spotlight: Filippo Loreti

    It’s time to stop overspending in the name of fashion! In the pre-Internet days, the only way to buy a luxury watch was to drive to a jewelry store, tolerate a condescending salesperson, and leave with a small box and the feeling you’d been robbed. It was the way luxury goods were sold. No one…

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  • The Best Prices For A Rolex?

    The Best Prices For A Rolex?

    When shopping for a new or used Rolex, chances are you’re interested in getting the most bang for your buck. Whether you seek a watch with excellent resale value or a watch with an attractive price tag, there are many options to explore. Aiming for Value? If you’re going for the most value for your…

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  • Buying The Perfect Gift This Fathers Day

    Buying The Perfect Gift This Fathers Day

    With fathers day fast approaching, if you’re looking for a last minute gift then look no further than this article. Stepping aside from a 6 pack of beers and socks, what unique gifts can you give to your Father this Fathers day to win their respect? In this article we wanted to give you a…

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