Marshall Artist AW14 Collection

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – with every brand’s latest collections there’s time to think where they’re going but also where they’ve come from. With Marshall Artist’s latest collection, Co-Owner and Creative Director, Neil Maloney says: “our brand philosophy and core values have always been the same: to produce socially relevant menswear that is ultra wearable while showcasing our British roots.” And when it comes to the AW14 collection, they have.

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The Autumn collection brings with it outwear and shirts that go back to the core values and philosophy that Maloney speaks of. With fabric, they’ve opted for cotton polyamide. Marshall Artist has over-dyed the fabric so it shrinks and has a worn-in look, perfect for autumn. Now, you can blend in with the crackling, red and brown leaves.

Another fabrics used is the hydrophilic breathable lamination membrane which, for us that shy away from any kinds of scientific words, means that it has a lightweight protection. We Brits know all about how tempestuous our weathers can be, especially in autumn. Now, when a strong wind blasts you on your works, you’ll be protected and, above all, remain fashionable.

The way Marshall Artist have opted for their outwear to look is with the use of removable thermal insulated linings with their Dura-wax Nylon RAF Jacket. That’s right, warmth within fashion. But, of course, it’s also about how the clothes look. With a balance of intensity and subtly with colour, the brand has chosen colours that reflect the season: reds, browns, creams and blues are awaiting.

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With their shirts – a blend of the classic Oxford and the M-90 Camo, we have reds, patterns, cargo themes and crisp oranges. All of these choices factor in to how we go about our autumn and here the plan is to not just blend but also embrace the falling leaves and sharp winds.

It may be a while away but Autumn is coming and it would be a shame not to check out what’s up for grabs. While you still can, run through the seasonal sunlight or, if you’re like us and a tad lazy, check out their website.