LYLE & SCOTT: No more suffering from the festival blues this summer with the SS22 Sports Style & Venture Collections

It’s a euphoric time, the thought of summer. Heady days, and as carefree as you want them to be. What’s the fashion going to dominate, you may ask, what fashion era is going to influence these summer days. In the late 80s and 90s rave and festival outfits were always part of the scene, with its own particular look, evolving as time moves on and giving sub-genres their own style. Making way to clearly defined pathways on how and why everyone ends up dressing the way they do.
Oh the 80s, this was all about colour and having fun, no dress code, free parties wild festivals and underground raves, where most people were less bothered about what they wore, like synthetic fabrics, crinkly shell suits, tracksuit tops worn as jackets over cut-offs or jeans, baggy t-shirts and ubiquitous trainers. When the rave scene exploded in the mainstream and the youth culture in the mid 80s you’re bound to get some really interesting functional out-there outfits.

Venture Collection:
If you ever wanted to go back to the rave culture, then you’ll have Lyle & Scott to thank. The spring venture collection mixes the rave culture to give you designs with a shared sense of purpose, keeping you and what you wear relevant throughout the seasons. It’s really important to understand that fashion was an important part of the movement of raves as it was a step away from the cultural and societal norms. The Lyle & Scott SS22 collections will show you how to celebrate creativity and freedom, and I guess most of us crave that, with screen-ready utility commuter jacket and protective mid layers in mind boggling smart-to-casual neon-pastel hues with stretch shirts, polos and every ready trousers, all coming with that contemporary feel that makes you want to wear them for your urban city life. This allowed Lyle & Scott to work within the structure of the SS22 collection, following the fact that these heady festival days showed no concern for frippancey but give you clothing expected to fit in seamlessly so that you can wear the clothes without restriction. This range comes in colours, functional features and a utilitarian construction to give you that seamless outdoor experience.

Sports Style Collection:

Going to the festival scenes of the 80s and 90s, happy days. Raves have always been about escapism and shaking off all our responsibilities of daily life to be – however temporarily – whoever you want to be, but with brands from high-end to high street, more times than less, curated festival edits that once gave you a celebration of individuality then became uniform. Happily Lyle & Scott have diversified the notion of ‘rave fashion’ injecting some much needed change and excitement and self expression into clichés and tired fashion. The SS22 sports style pieces come with reflective prints, nostalgic fabric stories and playful colour blocks created for digital. Don’t we all love some retro, and here we see aesthetics reminiscent of holiday styles that give you a feeling of leisure to sports clothing. Bold Maize, nostalgic retro blue and a statement flyer print, promoting fun and feelings that flow you into escapist themes. These are the biggest styles, colours, prints and It-pieces set to dominate the season ahead.
You weren’t at these underground parties or wild festivals to look good or impress anyone. You were there simply to have a good time and escape the pressures of boredom of normal life.

People who went to raves or festivals wanted to show that they were fun, happy, friendly people. Their clothing represented that.

Have fun with LYLE & SCOTT