Long Shot Cocktails

Lockdown has been on and off, and through it all, we all like that Friday-Saturday evening drink out, but now from home, literally more than ever. But to replenish your stock of your favourite drinks will always remain a priority, when you have no chance of visiting your favourite Friday night cocktail bar. So here’s why you should commit to one drink company. 

Like to try cocktails that refuse to play by the rules? To the rescue comes a great company called Long Shot, who started this delivery company and brought us a fruit-infused seltzer that’s low in calories, vegan, gluten-free and low in sugar AND they have only three ingredients. 

These all-natural ingredients taste just perfect, putting you in high spirits for the night!  That means medium effort, maximum reward. As long as you’re at home you might as well stir up a cocktail with Long Shot.

You can buy them in boxes of 12 x 250ml, or a mixed case 12-pack and try all three flavours! And here’s how to order without even leaving the house with the best cocktail delivery service to top up your home supply. We’ll drink to that. Cheers!

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