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  • What The Modern Man Wears On His Wrists

    What The Modern Man Wears On His Wrists

    Regardless of where we are or what time of the day it may be, a piece of jewellery can often be the missing part of the style puzzle. Following on from our recent blog piece on wearing jewellery, we thought we’d cover just what the modern man is deciding to wear on his wrists. Nowadays,…

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  • 3 Retailers To Check Out

    3 Retailers To Check Out

    When it comes to purchasing new clothing and accessories, sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to go shopping. You’ve got to jump in the car or train, wander around the shops, try on dozens of shirts, jeans, or blazers, often pay exorbitant prices, and then come back home feeling exhausted and unsure if you…

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  • An Easy Way To Love The Sales

    An Easy Way To Love The Sales

    We love sales, but everyone hates the hustle and bustle of offline shopping. With Black Friday recently come and gone, alongside the Christmas shopping, Boxing day sales and of course the New Year offers... it's the time of year we all love to save some money. But what if you could shop the sales but…

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  • Using Vouchers For Menswear Bargains

    Using Vouchers For Menswear Bargains

    Everybody loves a bargain, and everyone loves saving money on purchases. With Christmas fast approaching, it's pretty common to receive the odd gift voucher... allowing you to buy that blazer you've had your eyes on for a while. But a lot of people don't realise the bargains you can get all year round, making shopping…

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  • Plants Make Men More Attractive?

    Plants Make Men More Attractive?

    Sometimes it isn't all about the way you dress. Your body language, how you communicate and your mannerisms all add up to create an impression. But should men start to pay an interest to plants? Its been said that the men who have plants in their home come across as more attractive and caring. Recent research and…

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  • Understanding The Myths & Facts Of The World’s Best Slot Machines

    Understanding The Myths & Facts Of The World’s Best Slot Machines

    The slot machine is pretty impressive when you think about it. It has evolved substantially over the last 120 years, starting out as a relatively simple machine paying out jackpots of 50c in 1894, to vastly complex interconnected machines with multimillion dollar payouts. You’ll spot slot machines just about everywhere you go in the UK…

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  • How To Dress Like a Golf Pro…

    How To Dress Like a Golf Pro…

    If you want to get the very best out of your golf game, it's vital to dress the way the professionals do. Proper golf attire does much more than simply uphold the dress code of your local club - it also provides the comfort, support and flexibility you require to make the most of every…

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  • The Most Anticipated Cars of 2016

    The Most Anticipated Cars of 2016

    If you’re a dedicated reader of MFM, chances are, you already look the part. But do you act the part? The vehicle that you drive can play an important part in creating your overall image. Jennings Moto Group provides buyers with an impressive range of premium new and used cars. The multi-award winning franchise group,…

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  • Fathers Day Competition – Win A Hugo Boss Watch

    Fathers Day Competition – Win A Hugo Boss Watch

    Looking for the ultimate gift this Father’s Day? Look no further! WatchWarehouse has joined forces with The Landmark London to host a fantastic competition. Enter your details in the form below so you can be in with the chance to win a brand new Hugo Boss watch and flight Martini experience. Shaken or stirred? This…

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  • Women Reveal Their Perfect Man

    Women Reveal Their Perfect Man

    What do women want? Recent research has found they want a man who is tall, well dressed and looks like David Beckham. Of course not every man can fit the description “6 foot tall, blue eyes, short back and sides, suited and booted, Don Draper style, David Beckham look-a-like”. But there are ways of dressing…

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