Levi’s x MR PORTER Collaborate on Capsule Collection

Legendary denim brand Levi’s are collaborating with online retail giant MR PORTER for their latest capsule collection of Customized and Tapered jeans. The Levi’s 501 CT line features a wide a variety of washes with a unique, handcrafted edge that sets them apart from other denims brands.

The range bears all of the classic Levi’s trademarks that have been responsible for cementing the brands place as denim leaders in the industry. This new launch will include three new styles made with Cone Selvedge denim, which adds to the industrial, work-wear, aesthetic of Levi’s.

levis 22

The collection has been created through a close collaboration between the Levi’s team and Sam Kershaw, the denim buyer for MR PORTER. Each pair of the CT range takes roughly 72 hours to make thanks to all the unique washes and details that feature.

levis 33

The jeans are made from Cone Mills’ White Oak selvedge denim in North Carolina – Cone Mills is another brand that Levi’s have worked closely with over their 100 year heritage.

levis 44

In terms of fit, if you’re into Topman skinny jeans then move along, because these jeans have a carefully tailored true-to-size fit, with a looser fit on the thigh, which tapers through the leg for a slim fit on the calf and ankle. On every pair is an exclusive Eureka lab stamp on the inside pocket and a large ‘E’ on the back of the buttons, so you will know that your jeans are special but no one else has to.

levis 55

The standard jeans are priced at £85 and the Cone selvedge jeans are £195, but this extra cost is because of the extra work and materials that go into making the selvedge denim, so even though the gap is big, if you’re into your denim then it actually is worth it. The collection is available now from MRPORTER.com.