Levi’s New Campaign: Live In Levi

One of the leading brands for denim, Levi’s has tapped into the importance of the fashion essentials and creating a campaign around it – Live In Levi. With life being so hectic for all of us, the Live in Levi campaign seeks to shown us that there is one stable and obvious thing we all need in our lives – a good pair of jeans.

levi 1

The campaign sees jeans as a sort of uniform, a daily essential we all need and all cannot live without – to own it is to be prepared for the day ahead and, by extension, complete in the fashion world. Accompanying this is a documentary-style film made by the company, showing the day-to-day lives of people who never take off their jeans.

levi 2

Head over to the Youtube channel for the full version of the documentary style film where the likes of Sandrine Tonye, Alexis Krauss and Jimi Lyons discuss their life in jeans. Jimi Lyons, himself, speaks about his first pair of Levi’s jeans. He says, “I wore them until they wore out, and then I cut them down to three quarters.”

levi 3

The film is all about showing us the beauty of the jeans, as well as the necessity. The people talking do not just wear jeans, they live in them. At the heart of the Levi’s company is a love of jeans and this campaign is a re-chant of that, made sharper and stronger with the view of jeans being our uniform.