Learn to Layer Up. It’s Not Difficult.

It’s definitely getting colder, so now is a really good time to invest in clothes that you can layer up, and take off.

Getting dressed in colder times does require some degree of trying to look warm and as smart as hell at the same time. You can invest all of your money in designer brands, but if you don’t have an ounce of knowing how to put it all together and layer up, you may not quite pull it off. Mix your layers for an unlikely but cool mashup.

Learn to layer, as the last thing you want to be caught short on a cold day is wearing fisherman-net-tees. They key to layering is multiple thin layers, which can be removed and added throughout the day. An ideal autumn outfit, for instance would be a thick white Oxford shirt worn beneath and thin wool navy sweater and a cobalt-blue chore jacket, add a charmer scarf, maybe in a contrast stone colour which can be added or removed during the day. Another option is a good white crewneck t-shirt beneath a smart and practical overshirt – chuck on a good looking gaberdine trench or car coat, sturdy Oxfords shoes and a contrast scarf. Perfect.

Whew it comes to smarter outfits, layering becomes infinitely easier, as a suit in itself is an exercise in layering. Get the suit fabric right and the rest should be simple. A good quality shirt with a super wool suit always looks good, and just have a lightweight Crombie for when the weather turns colder.

Talking of coats, you should have two, one for work and one for casual, and of course you can mix and match for work or a trip down the pub, depending on the occasion. Make your topcoat stretch into the winter months by wearing a lighter jacket underneath, whether its a denim jacket, hoodie or a military jacket or just a light-down shell coat, the effect is damn sharp.

Winter is a major style league and just pulling on a sweater is not what we’re talking about. So you can add a layer over your tie for a more casual look or expression nd you can look just as good with a shirt and tie and hoodie.

Go tonal, because wearing one tone is a great way to double up your clothes and build a layered look, but stick to a couple of the same tone, just to vary up the hues slightly and get the look that you want that’s appropriate for where you’re going. Try camel, whereas before we have seen this colour limited to outerwear, this autumn/winter the way to wear it is from head to toe – mixing shades and patterns for maximum impact. It can be broken up with well placed pop of navy or cream in accessories and knitwear.