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Key Accessories For AW13: Bags

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When we are forced to finally and begrudgingly recognise that winter is finally here, we realise that our wardrobes need to have particularly close attention paid to how we construct our looks. When the temperature becomes a daily chill we need to consider our outfits as a whole, taking into account the idea of layering and how we are going to add the occasional stylish and necessary accessory to compliment a look. New seasons always bring forth many different new styles and trends, and these must be navigated with care, as do the accessories we combine with our new found winter trends.

bags 001

The runways and collections have been inundated with a plethora of stylish and stand out pieces this season, and this time around we are only talking about the accessories. You may or may not be aware of my love for a decent and stylish men’s accessory, and it is a shared belief amongst the folks here at MFM that a decent accessory can really bring an outfit to another level of style. So with each accessory article we are going to be focusing on some of the key accessories for us gents this season and look at some of our favourite products available right now. This week we take a look at a few of our favourite key bag styles, and show you our must haves for this season.


A bag has become one of the main pieces that a man must have as part of his day to day look, we all run around for our work and our education and it would seem that we are beginning to rival the ladies in terms of how much of our lives we keep with us at all times. So it is with complete joy that we inform you of how men’s bags are taking a stylish turn and showing up in many different styles and colours. Here we will look at what we feel are two of the more popular types.

Document Holders

bags 002

A document holder for all the hype is basically a masculine version of a clutch, and while this idea may be absurd to some; many gents have been adopting this style as a handy way to carry around basics and essentials.  We mentioned in a previous article about how the styles of this bag for summer were getting a bit garish, it seems it was a shared opinion as the new styles for AW13 have taken a more subtle and masculine approach.

classic leather pouchday zip portfoliomedium document case

trimmed document folderdoberman document foldercrocodile document holder

double leather pouchcreased leather pouchtextured leather pouch

Schoolboy Satchel

bags 003

This is a classic bag style that has been creeping its way in over the past couple of seasons, and we are happy to see it in full effect this winter. This kind of bag is not only sturdy, trusty and able to withstand many beating on your daily commute; they are available in many different styles which makes them a much need style investment this season. In fact my favourite bag this season is my trusty maroon satchel from River Island.

red satchel baglight brown satchelteal satchel

skolday satchelbrown skolday satchelmixed leather satchel

strap leather satchelcanvas leather satcheltartan leather satchel

90’s Backpacks

bags 004

This is one of the styles that as an individual, I wasn’t too keen on the return of. The 90’s was a mix of many trends that we sometimes feel should have been left there. But with a 90’s style backpack you are subjecting yourself to a positive move in regards to statement style. You would think that a backpack is something that would stereotypically appeal to the student demographic, and you would be right. However it has become apparent that all men from many different walks of life are adopting this new take on backpack style. Some would go as far to say that backpacks never really had any style until now, and I am one of those people. Take a look at our picks from the bunch below and see if you agree, it would seem that many of the backpacks for the current season are all about making a statement, what do you think?

mesh backpackvintage animal backpacksprayground backpack

wool contrast strapscosmic print rucksackgreen block rucksack

black printed rucksackskull canvas backpackembossed leather backpack

Excess Baggage

So there you have three of our favourite key bag styles this season, and it is our belief that any many can now justify having more than one bag to with different outfits. It isn’t just for the women now to have multiple styles and bags to go with certain looks, finally the men are taking control and showing the ladies what true style is all about. What is your favourite style of bag, and do you have one or do you have many? Let us know in the comments below.

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