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Key 2013 Trend: Printed Shirts

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The New Year has come around quickly, shortly followed by New Year’s resolutions. Whether they be to hit the gym more often, or actually sign up for a membership this year, we are all looking for a new ‘something’ to mix things up in 2013, and with that comes a trend that is guaranteed to spice up your wardrobe – Printed shirts.

A cold start to the year may mean throwing on so many layers that you look like you have had a very food-filled Christmas, but printed shirts allow you to keep yourself looking stylish all year round. Whether you throw on a baroque-printed jumper under your parka or take it to the next level in floral, printed shirts are this seasons saviour to standing out.

Even if you can’t help but think about vacationing in Hawaii or looking like your grandad in a printed shirt, white socks and sandals – fear not! This trend can easily be introduced to your wardrobe as a statement piece or subtle gem and we’re going to highlight some key prints for this year.

mens printed shirts 2013


The floral shirt can make even the toughest man look like a sweetheart. You may be tempted to save this print for the summer when you have a tan to pair it with, but the variety of floral shirts available means that there is one for you. You may chose to start with something subtle, such as a dark tone with an understated floral print that lies discreetly on your shirt. Or you may chose to dive in head first and brave a bright coloured shirt with an apparent large floral design. The long sleeved version allows this trend to be taken into the workplace; simply add a blazer and brogues for a formal take.

grey tattoo shirttshirt floral print

flower print shirtboss black man


If you are looking for an easy way to pull off the printed shirt trend, this is the way to do it. Burnout and tie-dye tees rework their way into style every year, and this year is no different. You can stick to mellow looks with grey and navy burnout tees or have a flashback to the 70’s with multicoloured tie-dye prints and crazy patterns. We looked at this trend in full last week, revisit it to find out about the trend on Dyed Clothing.

high roll tshirtsblue roll tshirt

vintage denim shirtunconditional dip dye print


If you are looking for a printed shirt that is casual, cool and versatile, then go for a geo print. A geometric print is made up of repeated patterns that often create a symmetrical modern graphic print. The geo print can be easy to style due to its diversity; whether you want to generate a casual look with a collared version under a jumper, or a more prominent style by choosing a geo shirt that uses bright colours or unusual patterns, such as the Urban Outfitters shirt.

vanishing scott shirtprinted cotton shirt


Just one step up from geo prints is the wallpaper print. Contrary to what you may think, wearing a shirt that looks like it was made from your grandma’s living room walls is a fresh new way of revamping your wardrobe. Different styles, such as those that use deeper colours like maroon and grey can make your outfit look more timely and vintage, whilst others can create an urban, cheap and chic image – Take your pick!

ecru and red tshirtpaint print tshirt


The baroque print has taken the fashion industry by storm, and now it’s time for you to welcome it into your 2013 style. It may look pretty daunting to you, or you may be online now looking for your perfect baroque tee, but either way if you keep the rest of your outfit simple and let the tee do the talking then you can’t go wrong! For those of you daredevils, try mixing prints and patterns for a fresh take on the trend.

hounds tooth tshirtkatie eary tshirt

It really is a trend to embrace this year. A lot of gents fear colour and prints, but you can use prints to compliment your day to day style. If you don’t want to create a statement with your printed shirts, then make sure you focus on keeping the clothing you pair it with neutral. Pairing the printed shirt with neutral tones will neutralise the look, meaning you won’t create too much of a statement. The possibilities are endless, and so are the prints… Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Phil

    Excellent Elle, except bit about looking like your grandfather
    Very proud of you – keep up the goods work
    What about Ben as a model?

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