Just4Leather – Quinn Men’s Colourful Leather Wallets

Love the softness of buttery nappa leather? Adore striking colour combinations in a classic style? Now you can have the best of both worlds with the Quinn collection of wallets, fusing contemporary use of colour with elegant traditional leather design. 

Using a colourway of red, green and navy, the designs included are quite extraordinary. With just a splash of coordinating and contrasting colours against a black backdrop, the effect is nothing short of exceptional, creating a collection of wallets that is truly unique. 

If your style is original yet stylish, you’ll adore the juxtaposition of these colours, a fusion of the classic and the contemporary in one gorgeous design. The flow of colours between both the inner and the outer of the wallet is a beautiful touch and symbolic of the careful attention to detail which is constant.

Quinn Compact Bifold Leather Wallet

With the choice of red, green or navy, this is an eye-catching bifold wallet which is right at the top in terms of aesthetic appeal. Elegant shades provide a burst of colour in a design which is as elegant as it is contemporary. 

Your wallet doesn’t need to stay in the dark; allow your personality to shine through with a design that’s exuberant yet sophisticated. Classic Italian colours have been used to add vibrancy to a traditional bifold wallet, creating something which is simply irresistible. 

The soft nappa leather calls to be touched, offering a silken surface that’s surprisingly enduring. These wallets have been carefully crafted to last, providing exceptional style for the years ahead. 

Flip open the wallet and inside you’ll discover a well-organised layout with card slots on either side. This provides a practical space to stash your cards, helping you to keep everything in its place and readily at hand. To the back of the wallet is a long note pocket, the ideal place for receipts or other slips of paper too. 

The wallet also includes RFID technology which blocks electronic thieves from stealing your card data. Smart and sassy, this wallet is slimline yet eye-catching and ideal for any occasion.

Quinn Bifold Leather with Coin Pocket

If you use a combination of cash and cards, a bifold wallet with a coin pocket is the most practical design. But practicality doesn’t mean sacrificing style as this incredibly striking wallet perfectly demonstrates. 

Using two-tone colours, Prime Hide have created a modern bifold wallet which adds a splash of personality to any outfit. An accessory that deserves to be seen rather than hidden away, this bifold wallet features contemporary styling which is distinctive and unique.

 The exterior of the wallet is made up of your primary chosen colour – red, blue or green – with black piping as a contrast. On the inside, the colour schematics are reversed with a black wallet accented by an exuberant edging of colour. This offers a balance between the inner and the outer, allowing the colours to flow. 

Opening the wallet, you’ll find smart practicality with everything you need for both card and cash transactions. The bifold wallet is perfectly laid out to provide maximum card slots without overstuffing the space while at the back is a note pocket. A small coin purse fits snugly on the right, completing the design. 

As an additional benefit, RFID blocking technology adds an extra layer of protection, preventing electronic theft from occurring.

The two-tone design in classic Italian colours may be the initial aspect that grabs your attention but there’s much more to these wallets than just aesthetics. The soft and luxurious nappa leather is hard to resist, providing an almost silken surface that you won’t be able to keep your hands off. Dignified designer leather wallets with a modern twist, these wallets celebrate the beauty of skilled leathercraft.

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