JUNI – Rejuvenating Lip Treatment to get the smoothest, softest, plumped lips ever!

What girl can honestly say they have never had dry lips before. Are you desperate to get back that naturally pink rosy hue and velvety softness? The skin on your lips is thin, ultra- sensitive and prone to be affected by all sorts, sun exposure, dehydration, smoking and even an unhealthy lifestyle. When your lips are like this, they lose their original pink hue and the skin on your lips may need to be exfoliated to get rid of the dead skin layer and dry patches. 

Whatever the reason, you can turn that around and make your lips pink, healthy and rejuvenated with Juni rejuvenating lip treatment.

And for those that are highly allergic to certain things and have irritated lips quite easily, have no fear because Juni has an amazing rejuvenating lip treatment, made with 75% organic ingredients and 100% vegan, made in Britain, cruelty free, gluten and GM free and fragrance free. Sustainability and environment is at the heart of Juni, and so they are adamant that everything is 100% plastic free.

So what is this rejuvenating lip treatment? Made from a super blend of pineapple enzymes, peptides and amino acids that make this lip balm water-binding and with skin-plumping active ingredients.

If you don’t get the right lip balm, you may only have temporary comfort and some lip balms can make your lips even drier. Getting the right lip balm may sound easy, but Juni have made it so their lip balm can be used liberally overnight as a nourishing mask, so in the morning you’ll wake up with an incredible pout! 

If you do this at the start of your makeup routine, you can use a nude lip lines to outline the new plump shape and get that gorgeous appearance of fullness throughout the day!

Apply 10 minutes before putting on your lipstick to create the perfect daytime pout as well! 

Packaged in a beautiful little bespoke silver round pot, it’s pretty enough for your dressing table and small enough to pop in your handbag, so it’s handy for you to reach and use if you need it 

throughout the day to keep lips ultra-hydrated, and make your lips soft and plump, and oh so kissable.

This is truly more than just another lip balm, this is a miracle in a little pot!

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