Get the products that will see you right, whatever your hairstyle choice.

When it comes to maintaining your beard and hair, you’ll need the best products of your life. The products you use could be the difference between slick and scruffy, ungroomed or a headturner. Luckily for you, we have come across just those products to keep you looking fresh and slick.

You don’t have to be Samson to know that there’s a lot of power in your hair, it’s essential that you keep you hair and beard in good condition and full of life for any of you that are serious about looking good, So to avoid a disastrous scenario, Johnny’s Chop Shop has luckily got everything you need to look like slick Mick.

Builders Dust Instant Texture: if you’re the type of guy that has a little trouble with your hair, and need a bit of an uplift, the the perfect solution is this little gem of a spray,  that not only gives you an instant lift but also will give you extra volume and even, de-greases your hair. This is a good move and a handy spray if maybe you’re a little running out of time for a date or meeting your mates. The last thing  you want is your hair looking limp and lifeless!

Texture Salt Spray: Once you have stepped out of the shower, you can focus on making your hair more attention grabbing with some salt spray. This is great for those of you with maybe slightly longer or curlier hair, you can create that rough and ready surfer look or just a sexy tousled look, whatever style floats your boat or the girls! You can use it on wet or dry hair and it’s formulated with caffeine and pro vitamin B5.

Max Up Volume Mousse: Anyone can use mousse, it’s good for you guys with finer or thin hair as it will give you body and structure that you won’t get from any other product. If you have coarse, thick hair or curly locks you can get your desired hair loom with this magic can. Whilst thickening products will serve the same purpose, mousse will not only give you volume, but height, this volume mousse is versatile and has tons of uses for any type of signature style.


No 1 Matt Paste: What is hair paste, plus its uses. It’s a paste that’s a styling product found in the same group as clays, putty, mud and fibre, all of which give a dry or matt finish with textured definitions, meaning it has little or no shine and will give you room to play. So if you want that just -got-out-of-bed style instead of a polished wet style, this is an effortless way to do it.

Lucky 21 Texture Cream: Hair styling cream works great for men that have dry or frizzy hair and want to smoothen their hair and provide it with some shine. It’s a fantastic product to start with as it’s easy to apply, looks natural but can take your look to the next level. It’ll give you a firm hold with a natural finish and is great if you have short to mid-length hair.pastedGraphic_1.png

Johnny Sheen Hair Pomade: It’s easy to use pomade to get the hairstyle that you want, as styling isn’t as easy as it might seem! Pomade is a soft, gel-like or waxy hair product that typically delivers a high shine. You can apply it to dry or towel-dried hair to get different results, including one that’ll leave you looking like a slickes-over Mad man extra!

Beard Oil: Beard oil is as important as facial; hair for a healthy beard, and as important as the hair itself. Not only will the oil tame, smooth, soften and protect those hairs, but it will also moisturise the skin underneath, A couple of drops every other day will do just nicely. Let that sink in.