Jewellery that will ultimately up your style game

The rebellious spiritual world of jewellery is a collaboration between Mishka’s ‘KEEPWATCH’ design that fuses together with Blackhead their rebellious genes. 

Want to add a rebellious rockstar edge to everyday style? Try adding some heavy-duty serious jewellery for gritty sophistication. Blackhead x Mishka is jewellery for men in extremes, this look is personal and should look like you’ve been wearing it for ages, not too flashy, just ask yourself  ‘Do I feel like myself wearing it’ The answer will always be yes.  

We love the fact that a bracelet for men has really penetrated the mainstream consciousness and so, if you want to get into jewellery start with a wrist-piece and wear a standout bracelet like this one from Blackhead x Mishka just simply as one, and if nothing else it’ll give you confidence and a nonchalance, and far more less precious way of wearing jewellery.

Streetwear jewellery is popular like this BLACKHEAD X MISHKA keep watch bi-colour cubalink Logo bracelet, that is a statement in itself, but the addition of that “B” is Blackheads design of letter, representing its pursuit of full self-expression and inclusion, makes it all the more eye-catching. 

The other half of this amazing jewellery collaboration is Mishka which means little bear in Russian, and is a fashion streetwear brand, focussing on trendy art, graffiti illustration with diverse cultural elements that express individuality.

Give your self-expression a boost by wearing unique jewellery that tells a story about who you are. BLACKHEAD X MISHKA keep watch engraved charm hoop earrings are great if you feel the need to rebel with Mishka’s iconic design of “Keep Watch” eyeball speaking for the brand’s graffiti and street element. The way to start your ear piercing journey is, inevitably with a hoop and that’s chill. But if you meant to have that feeling of freedom with your new hoop earrings, it’s worth exploring how you can play with what a hoop can do, and that’s to add a little charm pendant.

Passion, expression, identity, and to distinguish yourself from everyone else, and that’s what Blackhead and Mishka jewellery can do. All street items are designed to show individuality to the outside world. As long as you like it, it is the best street jewellery.

Buy online: BlackHead x Mishka