It’s Party Time When Your Friend Shows You Her Wonderful Toy Collection

You go upstairs to your apartment, unable to take in what has just happened to you. What an amazing night you’ve had. You’re so glad you took up the invite to go to that party, which has changed the way you’ll now enjoy your sexual experiences.

The host had a lovely chat with you after a few glasses of wine. The subject got onto men, and how you’d had enough of them after being let down again. It took you by surprise when she asked you to stay back when the others had gone, but you agreed with nothing to go home for. Little did you know that you were about to get close and intimate with her collection of dildos.

While you obviously knew what they were, it was the first time you’d ever held one in your hands. You were a bit shy at first, but your new friend gave you a demonstration on how to completely satisfy yourself without the need of a man or even a partner. You stood with your mouth wide open, almost matching the stance of your eager tutor, as she adhered the Silicone Dildo With Suction Base firmly to her tiled floor and lowered herself onto it. She was soon going wild with delight, and you knew that she wasn’t acting.

You wanted to be in on the action, so you grabbed her Waterproof Wall Banger Vibrating Dildo and got into a similar position next to her, as you both went to the top of the class and through the roof with joy. The soft jellylike PVC perfect to fit into your most private of places. 

You were quickly getting to like each other, as the chemistry between you was built by the second. It was a heart pounding moment when you realised that the relationship was going to be cranked up a few notches when she produced a Silicone G-Spot Dildo with Harness, and you were going to be ridden to the finish line. As if that wasn’t enough, your giver had inserted a bullet vibrator into the pocket meaning you were putty in her hands.

You didn’t know such pleasure was possible without a fella, but here you were enjoying the best sex you could ever remember. It got personal and intimate on a large scale after that, as you attempted through your scrambled mind to remember the company that sold such amazing goods with a discreet and fast delivery, as you would be ordering as soon as you got home.

Giving something in return has always been your motto, so you were delighted to find a Vibrating Strap-On with Harness and Remote, which allowed you to enjoy penetration while also entering your lover and hitting all the right spots, before you turned on its motors to enjoy three different speeds of fun.

A night you’ll never forget, thanks to a kind friend showing you it’s not a man’s world after all when you have the best dildos to enjoy.