iOLLA GLASSES – Craftsmanship is at the heart of everything they do. Trust us.

It is often said that when you get up and get ready to start your morning, you should always build your style around a piece that is quite frankly essential for your day ahead. Sounds ominous, no, it’s not, but believe us when we say, start with your eyewear. This is where your day begins.

So, do you need glasses to drive in, read, varifocals or bifocals, do you need to do it in style, comfort but with some practicality in mind, this is where iOLLA will take centre stage with giving you prescription lenses. And let’s be honest, it’s not always easy getting to your opticians and trying on different eyewear for size, colour and do they look good on you. This is where online shopping for glasses has come on in leaps and bounds, with virtual try-ons and some with free frame trials, as looking for glasses can be a minefield, so let’s put your mind at ease, the only place you should be heading is to iOLLA for your finest pair of prescription glasses yet.

The Trailblazer Douglas tortoiseshell glasses come in the colour ‘Butter Tortoise’, (and also in three other colours), will give you frames with versatility, comfortability and stylish, and can effortlessly transcend you from day-work to evenings out and really everything in between. Tortoiseshell glasses help to compliment understated looks whilst adding a retro twist. These Douglas glasses feature a keyhole bridge that really let the rims of the frames create definition and add an understated detail to any look, made in premium eco acetate with the signature iOLLA end tips, they are smart enough to suit most.

Style aside, these glasses are made to stand the test of time. Strong and durable, but also super lightweight, and can happily do the honeyed bookish look as well, case on point, we think that the frames are some of the most alluring amber-hues we’ve seen in a long time. The tortoise shell is lighter in colour which is perfect for summer and a great shape so you can actually see your eyes through them, really flattering, designed to compliment all face shapes whilst keeping the tradition of iOLLA name at the forefront.

So if you check out the range online, one thing is guaranteed is the selection of iOLLA glasses already available for you, with a high level of online customer service to their excellent reputation, they are really a match made in heaven. Packaged in a beautiful case with a jaunty eye cloth. Now all that is left to do is actually decide which frames will be right for you.