Introducing UPCOMING BRITISH Streetwear Brand “You Dont Want This Life”

UPCOMING BRITISH fashion streetwear brand You Dont Want This Life has earned a retail spot within Topshop’s flagship Oxford Street store, where it has gone on sale alongside a host of iconic brands.

You Dont Want This Life is a streetwear lifestyle brand for both men and women which was born in Toronto Canada and raised in Soho, London. A range of menswear from the streetwear fashion label is now on sale within the Topman section of Topshop’s Oxford Street store in London. The range includes t-shirts, hoodies and accessories like hats and socks.

Autumn has been an exciting time for You Dont Want This Life, which is made in England, as London Fashion Week 2019 also marked the launch of the clothing line in exclusive London nightclub Cirque Le Soir.

In addition to the permanent concession in Oxford Street, You Dont Want This Life is now rolling out into other Topshop stores in Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle over the Christmas period. Hennie V, CEO of You Dont Want This Life, said: “We are built on a family mentality for those who resonate with our culture and lifestyle. This means hard work, creativity and overcoming adversity, which is expressed in what we choose to wear every day.

“By wearing our brand, you are part of our tribe and it’s cool to see it recognised in an iconic London store and an exclusive nightclub.”

Hennie attributes the brand’s success to its style and comfort of its clothing as well as the profile it has gained working with digital agency CEEK Marketing. CEEK Marketing have worked very closely alongside the You Dont Want This Life team on all things digital since their launch in 2017, with the aim of increasing sales, boosting brand awareness and driving website traffic.

“CEEK Marketing Managing Director Charlie Terry said: ” We work with lots of start-up brands and rarely see the community and loyalty around a product that we do with You Dont Want This Life.

“Their success is deeply rooted in the brand messaging and how their customers truly relate to their story. It is particularly interesting to be in Topman stores outside of London, especially in my hometown of Brighton where the brand already has a strong digital audience.”

In addition to their off the peg range of products, You Dont Want This Life also sells a range of stylish bespoke denim, army and leather jackets. For details of the full range visit