Introducing The COLLECTR Hoody

COLLECTR is a California-based lifestyle apparel brand which has launched a crowdfunding campaign to release a new awesome Hoodie. In an age where gadgets get all the hype, the concept for the Hoodie is to focus on the basics.  What makes it awesome is that the brand is keeping it simple with style. 

Founded in 2011 with the vision of mixing art with fashion, Ian Schechter had created the concept of Global.U, Inc while a university student.  Global-U, Inc. grew quickly with merchandise in surf shops throughout Southern California and Ian had recruited artists from around the world.

As artists were added, and the brand grew, artistic themes were becoming apparent and in 2013, Global-U, Inc launched the COLLECTR brand, with a focus on the Surf lifestyle. COLLECTR soon grew into a family-owned business with Ian’s brother Benji used as the model for the men’s collection.

The collection includes men’s and women’s tees for the active lifestyle and casual wear. High-quality material, including Supima® cotton, features in the collection along with prints from various artists from around the world.



In his own words, Ian says “With the hoodie, the challenge was to combine our love for art into a hoodie.”  How this was accomplished was by paying attention to the finer details. The fit is a pullover style, with wooden buttons, a cotton drawstring and contrast trim.

Since cotton and polyester absorb dye differently they went with this blend to realize a textured look which we think works brilliantly well.

So there you have it! Whoever said the hoodie was over was wrong. We think it is a wardrobe essential, whether you’re into the sporty look, or just like to keep it casual on the weekends. What’s more, you can learn more about this exciting brand, by following them on Instagram here or shopping on the online store here.