There are some of you guys that will really love the preppy look, you know that Ralph Lauren, Polo that invokes that American classic style and culture. John F. Kennedy was at the forefront of bringing the preppy style to the forefront, marking his personal style in such a way that thousands of American boys followed his lead. You know the chinos, the v-neck tennis sweaters, the polo shirts, blazers and then the loafers, this was was the turning point of both boys and girls who wear at universities with a social circle of well brought up men and woman, who adopted that perfect manner of speech, they way they dressed and their etiquette.

So the preppy are suave and classic in their looks, clean shaven and certainly they were dressed to impress. So what’s on the agenda for your preppy style, and that doesn’t mean that you have to follow in the footsteps of the past American era of being brought up. Things have changed but not the dress sense. In the summer, it’s shorts and polo shirts, white jeans mixed with checked Oxford shirts and trimmed cardigans  thrown in with a blazer, deck shoes or loafers.

Think neutral or pastel tones, like soft pink or salmon pink colour in shorts and chinos, blue in shirts and white jeans, quite Italian really, in autumn to winter, it’s chinos cable knit sweaters, tweedy jackets brogues and club collared shirts, and a smart crombie coat. Looking at accessories, green and yellow, blue and white, red and white have that coordinated feel whereas you’ll get that clean and pleasing-on-the-eye look, classic belts in tan leather or canvas, and leather moccasins. Worn without socks, of course.

Menswear certainly moves in waves, in the form of workwear, this in turn has brought style-savvy men another preppy look, Chore jackets. And while workwear and streetwear are rising in the ranks of fashion it’s great to see that this preppy style is making a bit of a comeback.

 For the Ivy League guy, it’s all about quality, and certainly brands, as these are all part of the finished look.