Bamigo, a Dutch company, offering a premium collection of handmade clothing items crafted using bamboo fibres, was just launched in the UK this summer.

A BRAND that makes clothes from bamboo grass fibres believes British men will love its products.

Bamigo, a pioneer in the Netherlands of sustainable fashion with its burgeoning collection of T-shirts, underwear and socks, is launching in the UK this summer. Bamigo’s entire range is crafted by hand using bamboo fibres.

“Many people have told us that it feels like a second skin. That’s because of its silky-softness in combination with a perfect fit. However, that isn’t at the expense of looking good. But don’t just take our word for it; try, and see for yourself,” said Bart Hoorntje, the company’s CEO.

Kinder to the environment than cotton, bamboo needs only sunlight and rainwater to grow and also has several other advantages.

The fabric, created using yarn produced from stems, promotes excellent ventilation thanks to microscopic holes in its fibres, keeping you feeling fresh and dry for longer.

It is an efficient temperature regulator too, providing added protection against the chill of a cold day while preventing you from overheating on warmer ones.

“Bamboo absorbs around 70 per cent more moisture than cotton does. It wicks away sweat quickly, and that makes a big difference to how you feel. Our products are subtle, but we are obsessive about the details. When we introduce something different, we strive to find the answer to every question we can think of, whether that is to do with the fit, the composition or durability. We try to give bamboo underwear another dimension through innovation, and we’ll persist until we’re happy with the result. However, our work is never done! Not only are we constantly developing ideas for new products, but we’re always looking at how to improve our existing ones through testing and also listening carefully to feedback from our customers,” said Bart.

Bamigo, a digital operation that sells its products exclusively online, was established five years ago.

Active now in more than a dozen countries, extending its offer to men living in the UK feels a natural next step to take.

They will be able to buy from the full collection of underwear – including boxers, trunks and briefs – socks, T-shirts and loungewear.

Bart added: “After a period of careful research and planning, it’s now the right time. We think British consumers attach as much value to sustainability as we do; they engage with environmental issues, but they also appreciate high quality. It’s a good fit all around.”

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