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Monday 26th January 2015,
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Influence From Street Style

When it comes to redeveloping our current style, we can take inspiration from a variety of sources. Inspiration really is the key word here, as imitating other styles leaves you looking unoriginal… So it’s important we take key features of a look we like and implement them into our own style.

There’s various ways we can reinvent our style, taking inspiration from a style icon, a specific trend, a friend, people you meet in general or by browsing magazines. But today we’re going to be talking about a new way to gain inspiration, and that’s by taking influence from Street Style. There is a lot of street style photographs online today, with The Sartorialist, Wayne Tippets, and The Style Scout being resources that stand out for us.

Online street style simply allows anyone to gain inspiration from various looks from around the world, from the comfort of their own home… I guess that’s the wonders of the internet. Now as mentioned in the first paragraph, it’s important we take influence from specific looks and we don’t completely imitate them. Here’s some things we can look out for:

  • Specific colour combinations
  • Influence from Trends
  • Layering
  • Specific clothing
  • Fit
  • Use of layering and textures.

Here’s a couple of street style images, and things we can take inspiration from.

Street Style

From the image on the left, we can take inspiration from the specific colour combination utilised. Burgundy and Black is a great colour combination to implement this season and this look focuses solely on that. The image on the right we can inspiration from the way they accessorise, the use of coloured trousers or the balance between smart/casual. We can even take inspiration from specific pieces:

Marc Jacobs Burgundy Pea CoatTopman WaistcoatTopman Black Skinny JeansMr Porter Blue Chinos

The opportunities are endless when it comes to Street Style. You can take influence from styles from around the world, from a collection of street style photographers. Remember to focus more on key features which stand out to you, rather than completely imitating certain looks and styles. Here’s some more looks we can take influence from:

Street Style Collective

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