Improve Your Sleep With EcoDen

In general, most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night. However, some individuals are able to function without sleepiness or drowsiness after as little as six hours of sleep. Others can’t perform at their peak unless they’ve slept ten hours.

We all know the importance of a good nights sleep, but we also know it is a lot easier said than done. Instead of counting sheep each night, and staring off into the distance hoping for slumber, we have found a solution for you to solve each sleepless night. We spend a significant amount of time in our beds, it is essential to use that time to rejuvenate and improve our overall health. This bundle will enable perfect posture, all the way from the tip of your head to the end of your toes. When used consistently, you will be able to enjoy perfect body posture throughout the night and day.

EcoDen have created a genius addition to your bed to ensure the best nights sleep. Say goodbye to neck, back and hip pains and enjoy the ultimate Eco Den sleeping experience. Their range of EcoDen Pillows and bedding made from natural Bamboo and Charcoal, are designed to cradle you whilst you sleep, giving you the best sleeping posture whilst also improving the natural curve of the neck. The bamboo charcoal technology regulates temperature, moisture and smell, whilst its Tencel based cover is non-allergenic, cooling, odourless, durable and antimicrobial.

EcoDen is certified under the strictest eco, health and durability standards to give you not only the best sleep, but a guilt free one also.

At EcoDen, they believe that a good night’s sleep is a source for a better tomorrow. They want to give the world the rest it deserves, to build a better world. That is why they strive towards providing first-class quality pillows, carefully modified, and engineered to meet the requirements for the utmost optimised sleep.

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