How To Wear: The Polo Shirt

The polo shirt has always been easy to wear everyday clothing, and has become a staple in any man’s wardrobe. The polo shirt has become a statement piece for a lot of gents, and stems all the way back to the 19th century, where it was better known as a tennis shirt. The polo shirt is used as a statement piece also within sports such as Golf and Tennis, but this factor can sometimes put guys off implementing the polo shirt into there sytle. We might see the polo shirt as a casual garment, a clothing for sport, meaning that we don’t look to wear the polo shirt for elegant occasions. Lacoste has always been the most well established brand of polo shirts but have been fairly tedious in their one colour plain shirts. But their new collection has exceeded all expectation of the brand; their new polo shirts are exciting and bring a fresh feeling take on the everyday shirt. But how easy are they to wear? And can you make a plain polo shirt exciting too?

Look 1 – This slim fit ombre polo shirt is a perfect example of the sorts of new designs that Lacoste has created. To wear it well I suggest putting it under this black quilted varsity jacket, leaving it open so you can see the polo shirt underneath. Then these bone brown carrot shaped chinos from Topman, steering well clear of colour clashing jeans. And to finish of tie in all the colours with this casual cotton mesh slip-ons by Mr Porter.


Look 2 – For a summer look try this brown marled cotton polo shirt from Mr Porter. Lighter hues and pastel colours are extremely in trend this season, so this polo shirt is perfect. We decided to casual this look up by teaming the polo shirt with these ASOS black shine shorts, accessorising with a backpack from Liberty London. This backpack compliments the simple tones of this outfit, and adds a dash of colour.

Look 3 – This red polo shirt is perfect for injecting a bit of colour into your wardrobe while keeping on trend this season. For an all weathers look try wearing it with these tailored chino’s and wearing this raw denim jacket open, and a neckerchief could be a great addition to the look also. Team with dark toned footwear, such as these loafers, to draw attention towards the colour of the shirt. This makes a great look for any informal occasion and would be comfortable to wear.

Overall I think the polo shirt is a fantastic piece of clothing that should always be included in a capsule wardrobe. Do you have any great ways of wearing it? If so please let us know!