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How To Wear Tailored Outerwear

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It would seem that as autumn descends and the skies transition into their seasonal grey, the urge to begin layering up becomes a little too much to resist. The chill is evident, as are the darkened clouds that are making more than a regular appearance these days. September is not only significant as a change of climate; it is also a key month in the fashion calendar as the official start of the new AW14 season. What is clear from many of the high end editorials we are seeing from luxury menswear brands is that outwear is clearly having a moment all of its own right now.

tailored 1

There may be four seasons when it comes to the weather but when it comes to fashion there are only two. We all love fashion and there are many of us who live for it, but when we think about it we all have a favourite. One season that we prefer over the other because we feel we can get more from it, and one season will always offer up more in terms of potential and pride when we can show off the stylish fruit that it has produced. Personally speaking, I am an autumn/winter kind of gent and one of the main reasons is for all the super slick and stylish outerwear pieces that are available.

Coated In Style

Outerwear is always guaranteed to make an appearance every AW Season, but this time around it seems to be taken a little more seriously and is standing in its own stylish spotlight. Luxury brands such as Prada and Giorgio Armani have really taken the simple idea of traditional men’s tailoring and turned the sartorial dial to full volume. Gucci and Bottega Veneta in particular have focused on simple shapes, clean lines and tailored perfection. In fact, so popular and inspiring is the tailoring in men’s outerwear that it would seem this season many womenswear designers have taken a page out of the menswear guide to tailoring. We must be doing something right my fellow gents.

tailored 2

Regardless of our feminine style stealers, we are clearly holding our own in the coat department and with those sharp lines and luxury fabrics we really are on top of our style game this season.  The oversized and boxy shapes that are on offer may appear daunting at first, but this new shape is something to be embraced. We may be used to a more fitted shape like a belted military jacket or even a belted Burberry trench, but the juxtaposition between tailoring and a loose fit is a wonderfully fitting nod back to the style icons of decades past such as JFK, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. You may think it may not be cold enough to button those coats all the way up, but fear not. These coats are tailored so well that they look great closed and left hanging open. Trust me when I say I share your paranoia of how a coat won’t allow you to show off your slick outfit underneath.

Top Tailored Choices

As always here at MFM we take great pleasure in searching tirelessly through many websites and products to show you our most favoured choices in terms of stylish inspiration. While our bank balances may suffer ever so slightly, no one can deny the true temptation of high quality luxury pieces. All brands and labels seem to be on their A-Game’s right now so to show you how even the high street brands have surpassed themselves, we have displayed our top pieces into two sections. We will allow you to compare them yourself and see how these products face off against each other.

Luxury Brands

It is always a given how luxury brands produce luxury goods, yet despite the obvious expectation of high standards we never fail to be impressed. The pieces of high end outerwear truly encapsulate the new loose tailoring trend in all its refined glory.

cashmere single coatprint kenzo coatsackermann haider

prorsum coatsdegrade balcingialemaire wool coats

smith overcoatskolor cashmereporter overcoat wool

angora calvin overcoatlanvin checkedgucci panelled

High Street Brands

On the odd occasion it has been expected of the high street brands to fall flat on their faces when trying to imitate the more luxury brands we all covet. This season however sees the high street standing in a spotlight all on its own as it produces some of the most impressive outwear pieces this AW14 season.

black bartonyuto coatssion coats

dark asymmetricpea blend coatspea calton coats

topman coatsmac dogtoothslim topman

expired blazersmire coatsdrop shoulder coats

Button Up – It’s Cold Out There

That age old phrase of ‘Take your coat off or you won’t feel the benefit’, no longer applies with this new take on luxury outerwear. You won’t care where you are, when you wearing a wonderful piece of tailored menswear you will want to show it off whether you’re outside or in. Men’s coats have been taken to the next level which really allows us to fly the flag for men’s style and how it really is deserving of all its new found attention. Now is the time to liberate ourselves from the coats and jackets we still cling on to from four maybe five years ago. We have shown you plenty of wonderful examples to tighten up your sartorial style. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and brave the cold, you have nothing to fear with a nice new piece of tailored outerwear as your armour against the new found chill.

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