And look instantly cool….

Most of us at any one time have worn all black, It’s an easy colour to wear without even thinking about what coordinates when you’re getting dressed. It’s all about simple head-to-toe black for many stylish guys and black, if it’s not faded or scruffy, the colour can look cool and expensive, and will never make you look back and think ”Did I really go out looking like that”

You can look sharp and classically handsome to look at most cultural activities, from bars with your mates to dinner with the in-laws or your partner. Black jeans, black oxfords, we might live in the golden age of sneakers, but you’ll still wear these, and a decent sweater or polo neck is never going to steer you wrong. Throw on a mid length overcoat and you can really own any place  when you’re out and about.

Take the best weekend staples in your wardrobe, a black t-shirt, because it makes you look cooler and lasts a lot longer than white, a plain everyday blazer, bomber jacket, leather jacket or even just a worker jacket, straight-leg or slim jet-black jeans or whether you want to go much more casual and like them ripped, rebel denim at it’s best, and the had-it-for-years favourite sweater and you’ll look pretty good, right?

And proof that you can do the whole blazer-and-jeans things to a date night and not look like a total dad. If you want to suit up with a black suit,  go big on this one, it’ll pay off in the long run, the colour palette of black is a total saviour here, just keep your black shirt well pressed and sharp and don’t mess with too much of the bling. Simple and striking is the look you’re going for.

In these moments, black always has your back. It’s cool, calm and collected, and by keeping it classic from head-to-toe you’ll be looking sharp.