Easy Ways to Style Your Hair for Men

Getting up and ready in the morning can be a chore, especially when your hair is skewed and just not cooperating. We have worked alongside Dapper Dan to create a simple, easy to follow styling guide that’ll have you looking fresh and ready for the day.

We are all after the holy grail morning routine that is low hassle, with great results. Thankfully, Dapper Dan has solved this for us and have created a range of products that tackle each and every hair type and style. Ranging from salt sprays, to pomades and waxes, Dapper Dan will have you suited and booted to be a true Dapper Man.

We worked alongside model and fashion influencer, Alexander Ablett, to allow him to create his own go to hair style using the Dapper Dan products. From this we were able to see how easy they are to use and the effectiveness and true review of their products. Working with the ULTRA MATTE TEXTURE DUST, FIXING SPRAY and SEA SALT SPRAY, Alexander is able to create a edgy and contemporary look, with an all-day hold.

Starting with the Ultra Matt Texture Dust, Alexander simply dusts it into his palm and runs his hands through his hair, spreading the dust evenly and create a thick, textured base for styling. This offers a natural, dry texture and hold that lasts all day long, alongside this, it smells amazing, is easy to apply and washes out first time.

Once he was happy with the placement, he then uses the Sea Salt Spray to add more texture and hold within the body of the hair. Considering he’d already used two products already, his hair stayed light and not heavy with product as you’d expect it to be. These products are water-based and are used to create texture and hold, not weigh your hair down with unnecessary product.

Finishing off the look, he locked in the style with the Fixing Spray, securing each hair for an all-day lasting hold. You can see from the images how easy and simple the products are to use and style.

To show how impressed our model was with the products, Alexander has now incorporated them into his daily hair routine as his go-to styling products.


For more information, check out : dapperdanbrand.com/