How To Play and Look The Part at Poker Tournament

If you know your poker, then clearly you understand the importance of wearing the right gear. Your poker garb doesn’t just have to look good, it can be used to confuse, intimidate, and bring you good luck. It’s when you stop looking at your clothes as fashion, and see them as a tactic, that you start to realise what you choose to wear could be just as important as the cards in your hand. We take a look at some essential items taken from the world-renowned World Series of Poker tournaments to help you look and play the part at your next poker tournament…


Concealing the eyes with sunglasses is a tried and tested method employed by many of the greats. As well as being an excellent fashion statement, sunglasses can stop your opponents from catching any revealing flickers’ in your eyes. Remember not to go for lenses that are too dark – you still need to be able to see the cards!



Use a hat to conceal your face from other players, and to keep them from gaining any valuable intel on what might be in your hand. Hats are also a cool accessory that tells the other players a lot about you, whether it’s the fact you’re a cowboy or a diehard football fan. Or, perhaps it’s a lucky hat that helps you play with confidence.


You may see a pattern emerging – hoodies, especially worn with the hoods up, are another great way of disguising emotion. Hoodie’s also act as a constant reminder of how you’re moving your head, because as you move, you feel them move too. They’ll keep you in check, and keep you warm in the overly air-conditioned poker rooms players are often forced to contend with.


If you want to add a touch more class whilst still staying warm, use a collar or scarf as your shield. Depending on your choices, collars and scarves can also be big fashion statements that allow you to express your personality.


We suggest avoiding wearing too much jewellery. Without even knowing it, you could start to fiddle, especially when you’re nervous. And, you don’t want to go giving too much away now!