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How To Freshen Up Your Look For 2015

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With 2014 done and dusted, may 2015 bring us all great health, prosperity and happiness over the coming year. After the whirlwind of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we face the first bizarre weeks of the New Year; pledging resolutions and seeking inspirational influence from others.

It is during this time that not only do we find ourselves packing beloved Christmas decorations away and de-cluttering our homes… but throughout this process wish to detox ourselves and our surroundings.

newyear 1

It is the perfect opportunity for us to clear out unwanted possessions, including the vicinity of our closets. As the saying goes, “out with the old and in with the new” marking a refreshing start to the New Year.

Here at MFM, we’ve devised some helpful tips when it comes to shopping over these next few weeks. With endless amounts of sales just waiting for you to spend, here’s to avoiding impulse and investment buying – we’re actually all for it!

Invest In Winter Essentials

newyear 2

Look in your closet – old worn out tees, holey socks and not a single pair of good quality gloves to your name. Instead of lusting after that statement piece you saw the other day, evaluate and purchase those sought after items that are your necessities.

newyear 3

Wouldn’t it be so much easier in the morning to quickly reach for your beanie and wear that all round great knit that has got you through the coldest days? Great winter style is cleverly down to getting the balance of fashion and practicality just right.

If you need some simple everyday essentials to replace your worn out stuff, with so many bargains to be had it’s the best time to shop! Take a look at these ace products…

french cable jumpersmayers teesjimmy indigo

brown kolinslubby sockslanvin porter gloves

Rethink Colour In Your Closet

newyear 4

With a new start to the year, it’s a good idea to not only evaluate your personal items but also the colour you choose to wear everyday. Just because its winter and you may be veering towards 50 shades of blue, doesn’t mean you should stick with dark shades.

An intuitive colour injection every now and again can really enhance great pieces that may seem tired or “last season”.

newyear 5

Instead of teaming just classic dark winter, greys, navy and black; place a bright accent somewhere in there; whether it be in footwear or accessory. Your look will be instantly transformed from looking drab into something aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Orange and red are good shades to work with; warm and dominant – these colours will help tie a dark head-to-toe look together well. Chose from these colours to integrate into your daily look…

waterproof controlchinley jumpersbrown gibson jeans

plum beanie hatsgreen tonal scarfsrust balance trainers

Purchase A New Pair Of Kicks

newyear 6

If it’s been a while since you last shopped for a new pair of trainers; don’t believe the misconception that they don’t go with everything. It’s actually the very opposite; owning a pair of trainers can enhance your busy lifestyle, whether you have a long walk to work or are on your feet most of the day. Long gone are the sneakers that you wanted to hide in your bag years ago.

newyear 7

With so many styles out there to try; Reebok, Nike, Brooks, NB, Gourmet the list goes on… be sure to find something catered to your personal style requirements. Bright, bold and eclectic is the best bet if you want to liven up tired layers.

Or simply keep things low-key and opt for a pair likely to blend easily with your current collection of denim and smart trousers. Take a look at these styles guaranteed to impress…

mid grey adidasmens mesh sneakerscreative recreation

nike tailwindair safari trainersrunning sneakers

One Last Note…

With 2015 kick-started, we’ve made it easy for you to update your look and freshen up for the coming months ahead. By following these simple style tips, you may find yourself surprised to be happy and relaxed with just a few minor adjustments. Here at MFM, we love you guys to have your say so let us know if these tips work for you and we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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  • Taylor

    Really great selections, I especially like the adding color recommendation and investing in great accessories. Definitely going to share with my guy friends.

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