How To Dress To Win For A Night On The Roulette Tables

When it comes to playing roulette, you need to look the part too. That means getting your style and grooming game on point to make you feel lucky.

If you’re planning a night on the roulette tables, spend some time getting your fashion perfect before doing so. Read on for a few vital tips to help you dress like a winner when you’re playing roulette.

Get confident with your game

When you’re heading out for a night on the roulette tables, it’s not enough to just look the part — you have to play the part too. If you stride over to the roulette table, only to bet on black or red alone, with maybe a few tentative inside bets, you’ll fall short.

Before you visit, maybe play a few practice games and try reading up on the most popular roulette tips — it’s a surefire way to boost your confidence and up your game for the night too. Of course, while there’s no guaranteed way to win, knowing a few betting strategies gives you an extra edge to suit your sharp style.

Find the perfect balance of class and comfort

Watch any James Bond film, and you’ll always see 007 dressed in a sharp tuxedo playing at the top of his game. But what the films rarely show you is just how uncomfortable Bond is. Sure, a tux might look good, but it isn’t necessarily the comfiest outfit in the world.

While it’s tempting to opt for a close-cut suit and tie, make sure to find a balance between class and comfort. While a tight suit might look sharp, it’ll restrict your movement and make you feel warm. Opt for something a light lighter and looser.

This goes for footwear too. Suede shoes are comfortable and stylish, keeping you comfy while you’re at the roulette table.

Day or night?

One thing worth knowing when you’re deciding what to wear for a night playing roulette: time matters.

Most casinos have a dress code by which, the later in the day it is, the more formal your attire.

If you’re opting for a morning/afternoon spin on the roulette wheel, casual dress is fine. Obviously, this means vest tops and flip-flops are a big no-no. But anything else (within reason) is passable.

From 2pm onwards though, things start to get a little classier. Sports jackets and pleated shorts are the name of the game. This relaxed vibe generally continues until 7, after which the style stipulations get kicked up a notch.

Smart-casual is, in general, the accepted norm for most casinos, with the exemption of the most exclusive venues. Chinos, shirts, suit jackets, and so on. Tuxedos are optional, but an open-necked shirt with a suit will suffice — plus it’s comfy too.

Dark colours if you’re in doubt

While Hunter S Thompson rocked a Hawaiian shirt in his infamous Las Vegas spree, not everyone can pull it off (and not all casinos allow it). And while every casino has its own dress code, these can vary.

If you’re unsure what your selected casino’s style stipulations are, opt for something black. Sure, jet black chinos with a casual shoe (think understated chukka boots) might not be as classy as a suit. But paired with a dark shirt, it’s a look that’s infinitely preferable to a garish neon tee and distressed shorts.

Keep facial hair trimmed and that

Facial hair is a tricky one — some love it, some hate it. But wherever you land on it, one thing is for certain: when you’re heading to the roulette table, you want to keep your facial hair trimmed.

While the rugged lumberjack look works perfectly in a craft ale brewhouse or at a festival, it won’t land as well in a casino. Straight lines are the name of the game, and that applies to your facial hair too.

This doesn’t mean you have to shave it off entirely of course — far from it. But it’s worth keeping it evenly trimmed and with sharp outlines. And if you haven’t tried beard oil yet, now’s your chance. This keeps it sleek and smooth, preventing any errant hairs from sprouting out.

If you’re planning a night on the roulette tables, you need to dress to win. Tame that mane, get your style on-point, and learn a few essential betting tips — with luck, you’ll win big and look good into the bargain.