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How To Dress Normcore

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So with the trend flow this season you may be a little shocked to find out that looking unpretentious and relaxed is the new cool. In fact, opting for a more toned down look with no visible logo’s or prints and just fantastically clean basics is where personal style should be at.

normcore 1

The name for this trend is “Normcore” and it gives a nostalgic nod to the nineties – the simpler days of distinctively cut shapes and comfy attire. In this style guide – we take a look at some of the best Normcore looks to have hit the streets so far. Offering you some inspiration and just where to shop for these products this autumn.

Bare Essentials

The truth is this trend has emerged through the input of designers and brands continually striving to create the perfect example of lounge wear. Something which can be worn with eases both inside the home and out. Great news; if you have a hectic work / home lifestyle – this trend will really work for you.

normcore 2

High quality basics consisting of a well-fitting white tee, relaxed trousers and modernist sneakers; are the way forward. Cooler shades especially in autumn work well with white, grey and black.

zupo short jacketlong sleeve polotapered folk trouser

mens colour sockstaupe trainersmens sand bag

Plain And Simple

Why complicate a perfectly sound outfit with pattern, print and bold colours? Exactly – there’s no reason to. If it looks good laid out first-hand chances are you’re onto a winning look. By not overcomplicating things, you will actually come off looking smarter and well put together. Think of this style approach when you have an important event or appointment coming up. At a job interview you wouldn’t want your clothes to be the focal point of attention.

normcore 3

A great rain coat or trench is one of those extremely useful items that every guy should own in his closet. Not only does it instantly give a smart edge to casual layers; the cut is also timelessly stylish. It’s thankfully the type of garment that can effortlessly tie everything together.

talbot cotton macmarl brushed shirtanglistic jumper

ozzie scarfsolid fit chinoslorne monk shoe

Wear It Well

With no visible prints or in-your-face colour schemes it’s safe to say that Normcore style at this point is a consistent fashion statement. Great if you’re feeling like you wish to tone down your look but not quite sure how to go about it. Or simply just want to opt for an ensemble that’s more relaxed for the office on a Friday.

normcore 4

The key to getting this look right is wearing the clothes as opposed to the clothes wearing you. Style is an extension of or personalities and being well put together really speaks volumes. Inspiration can be taken from some vintage denim looking jeans teamed with a classic roll neck.

tower black jumpersnow stretch jeansbirds eye jacket

reebok classic sizejaeger knot scarfmilo rucksack

One Last Thing…

How did you find our piece about Normcore style? To keep it short, this established trend is all about taking an effortless approach to everyday style. The looks we put together are easy to achieve with mixing and matching garments. Keep in mind blend in rather than stand out – you’ll be half of the way there!

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