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How To Dress Like a Golf Pro…

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If you want to get the very best out of your golf game, it’s vital to dress the way the professionals do. Proper golf attire does much more than simply uphold the dress code of your local club – it also provides the comfort, support and flexibility you require to make the most of every shot. Dressing right might not guarantee you a place in the league tables, but dressing the wrong way is guaranteed to prevent you from reaching your full potential.

The Right Fabric…

Whatever level you play at, comfort is always king, and few things have the ability to affect your comfort as quickly as sweat. While natural fibres are a great choice for allowing your body to breathe, the very latest polo shirts and golfing trouser designs combine high-tech fabric coatings and the latest weave technologies to help wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry all day long.

These state-of-the-art fabric blends are soft to the touch and feel good against your skin but won’t cling to your body, even on the hottest of days. In addition, some of these fabrics have anti-bacterial properties to help keep bad smells at bay while you play and also resist staining to keep you looking smart.

Golf trousers or shorts that fit snugly around the hips will make it easier for you to swing. They should finish around your ankles, as this helps keep the bottoms clean and prevents them getting in the way if you find yourself in the rough or in a sandtrap. The latest designs are made from a combination of cotton, which provides breathability and comfort, polyester, which adds durability, and either Spandex or Elastane for maximum flexibility.

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Go Spikeless…

Anyone who has ever tried to swing a golf club while wearing anything other than a proper pair of golf shoes will know that footwear is the foundation of a good, solid swing and that no professional player would ever wear anything else. Spikeless shoes have been a growing trend for many years now and are finding favour among a growing number of players, both pro and amateur.

Some of the most popular spikeless models around are the innovate Ecco Biom Hybrid golf shoes. Favoured by the likes of Fred Couples and Caroline Masson, these shoes feature a lightweight construction and ultra-low profile to provide a stable platform for your swing. The major benefit of spikeless shoes is that you can wear them as you drive to the club, as you make your way round the greens and in the bar at the end of your game.

Golf Accessories…

Sunglasses are another essential piece of golfing attire, but it’s important to ensure you wear the right type. Unlike fashion sunglasses or those aimed at drivers, golf sunglasses absorb blue light to bring more definition to the green and mute the blue of the sky to make it easier to see the ball. Popular brands of golfing sunglasses include Oakley, Callaway and Maui Jim, all of which provide excellent levels of protection from the elements, enhance your vision and provide a high level of comfort and durability.


If you’re serious about your golf, you’ll need a range of outfits to allow you to adjust your dress according to the weather. Every golfer has experienced the phenomenon of having four seasons’ worth of weather in a single day, and it pays to be fully prepared. Thankfully, most autumn and winter golf attire collections include a range of base layers and waterproofs to help keep you comfortable.

A good-quality jumper that fits over your polo shirt is ideal for those days when the weather is a little chillier. Far less bulky than a jacket, a jumper provides the all the warmth you require without restricting your range of movement. Finish off your outfit with a cap or hat – these not only keep your head warmer, but also help to reduce the glare of the sun.

Golf Fashion Fails…

If you truly want to dress like a golf pro, avoid wearing denim at any time – it’s simply too stiff to allow you to play properly. Other casual sports gear such as sweatshirts, jogging bottoms, swimming shorts and tracksuits will not only make you stand out as an amateur, but they will also hold back your progress in the game.

Golf clothing used to be all about function first and style later, but increasingly, the latest clothing designs and technology mean that, unlike many things in life, you can now have both. Take time to choose the right attire and you’ll feel better and play better as a resu

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