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How To Dress Better… Faster

What 'trick' can you use to dress better in less time? All is revealed in this article and video...
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Are you a man who wants to look good but doesn’t want to spend hours in the mirror?

I know I am.

I like to take pride in the way I dress, the way I look and how I come across but I don’t want to spend hours getting ready.

I can remember the times rushing around to get ready before leaving the house debating whether to wear the white shirt or the blue shirt.

Or those times getting ready before heading out in the evening getting every item of clothing in my wardrobe out, trying it on, shaking my head and then wearing the same thing I wore every time I went out.

The difference in how I used to decide what to wear compared to now is surprising, but what’s more surprising is how simple it actually is.

If I wanted to dress up for a formal evening out I’d be able to choose an outfit and get dressed within the space of a few minutes.


I’d have every suit out of my wardrobe hoping that the one I wanted to wear still fitted as I brushed off the dust and when it didn’t… I’d panic.

So how do you do it?

How to you dress stylishly but save time doing so?

Focus On Fit

I’ve said this over and over again on MFM. Fit is the number 1 principle to focus on when improving the way that you dress.

If your clothes don’t fit you well (no matter the brand, designer or how much you’ve spent on them) they won’t look good.

You want clothes that compliment your shape, clothes that are slim fitting and most importantly clothes that are tailored/altered for you.

In fact I explain how your clothes should fit (and give you a visual representation) in the Easy Guide To Fit.

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paul outfit

How many times have you gone to wear something only to find out it doesn’t fit you as well as you thought it did? Maybe it’s slightly restricting, maybe it’s too loose… but the fact of the matter is you avoid wearing it because it simply doesn’t fit.

If your wardrobe consists of items of clothing that ALL fit you, you’ll save a lot of time alongside being able to wear 100% of your wardrobe (unlike the 20% you probably use now).

Again, this is something I’ve already covered before.

In the Style Reinvention video series I walked you through the steps you need to take to make sure any item of clothing fits you.

You can watch it below.

Once you know every item of clothing fits you in your wardrobe, choosing what to wear becomes a lot easier.

No more hunting through your vast collection of shirts for the one shirt that fits you well and you wear often.

Not only will this save you a lot of time it will also dramatically improve your overall style.

Focus On Versatility

Some men think a ‘versatile’ wardrobe means a boring one, but I beg to differ. Making sure your clothing is versatile will save you time debating what goes with what and what colour combinations to utilise.

If you’ve read some of my articles before you’ll know I like to recommend a timeless style, investing in quality garments that are going to last you years (if not centuries) to come.

For example, a Navy Blazer is versatile, it’s going to create an effortless statement and it’s also going to be something you can wear in 10 years time. A Pink Floral shirt on the other hand? Sure it might be in trend at the time but is it going to be something you can wear with multiple outfits for years to come?


Trends have their place, it’s good to implement them into your style when you seem fit but don’t build a wardrobe on trends. It’s going to be an expensive process but it’s also going to make things difficult when getting dressed each day.

If your wardrobe consists of versatile clothing you’ll know that most items of clothing can be worn together.

Heading to a meeting at a Coffee Shop? Pull out that Navy Harrington jacket in your wardrobe and then build an outfit around that. White button down shirt? Check. Dark denim jeans? Check. Brown leather Chelsea Boots? Check.

If you make sure that your wardrobe consists of at least 80% of timeless items of clothing you’ll find putting outfits together a lot easier each morning.

A Stylish Combination

So there we have it, short, straight to the point but extremely important.

When you have a wardrobe filled with versatile clothing that fits you perfectly… it’s hard to spend time debating what to wear.

Streamline your wardrobe and remember in menswear… less is often more.

I go into more details within the Style Reinvention series which can be watched below.

In the series I walk you through the 7 steps I took to reinvent my wardrobe and most importantly improve the way I dressed.

So time to give it a go…

No more getting out every item of clothing in your wardrobe, trying it on, shaking your head and then wearing the same thing you wear every other day.

What tips can you give?

Let me know in the comments below.

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