How to Charm a Potential Sugar Baby with Texts

If you’re an older sugar daddy, there’s definitely a possibility that you’ve fully embraced texting and instant messaging as ways to stay in touch with the women you’re dating. But most really don’t get the appeal, especially when a standard phone call can be so much more personal, natural, and enjoyable when it comes to connecting.

Texting is a huge deal to younger people, though. So if the sugar babies you prefer to date are younger than you by much, it’s in your best interest to learn the ropes sooner rather than later. Here’s a closer look at how even the most text-phobic sugar daddy can successfully take his text game above and beyond.

Why is texting so important?

Knowing how to text well is about more than trying to stay youthful and relevant in an effort to better appeal to a young sugar baby. Knowing how to express yourself well and make a good impression over text, instant message, or email is something that can serve you well in many areas of your life.

And yes, it will likely be the primary means by which you communicate with prospective sugar babies while you’re still getting to know each other. This is even more the case if you rely on online sugar platforms to meet new people. 

How long should you wait to text after getting her number?

Don’t worry too much about the rules here because most younger people certainly don’t. There aren’t any, so it’s best to play each situation by ear and use your best judgment as an experienced sugar daddy.

It’s easy enough for someone to just keep communicating through the dating website where they met or over social media. So if a potential sugar baby gave you her personal number to use instead, you can rest pretty easy in the knowledge that she wants you to use it. So if you want to text her right away, just do it.

Relax and be yourself

Even if you have little to no experience communicating with a sugar baby over text, you should know that it’s really no different than communicating well any other way. The key to success is to just be yourself. 

Keep in mind that this sugar baby gave you her number because she already really likes you, so just give her more of that. Don’t try to be cooler, more outgoing, or otherwise different than you really are. Let her see the real you because that’s the guy she gave her number to.

Get her laughing

Pretty much everyone loves to laugh, but this is especially the case for beautiful, single sugar babies who go head over heels for a man who can make her laugh out loud. So if you have a great sense of humor, don’t be afraid to let it show in your texts.

Don’t overplay your hand or force anything. But if you see an opening for a good, natural-feeling joke, go ahead and crack one. Sending funny memes and such once in a while is a great way to keep the lines of communication open once the two of you are vibing, too.

Show her she’s special

No, we don’t mean lay things on really thick when it comes to the flattery or jump to respond to all her texts immediately. We do mean treat both her and her texts like priorities. No woman likes to feel like she’s just one more thing on a sugar daddy’s to-do list.

So when you do text or message with your would-be sugar baby, get into it a little and really talk to her. Talk about real things. Listen to what she has to say. And be responsive and attentive, especially when you can tell something really matters to your texting partner.

Keep things brief and meaningful

Yes, you should lean into texting and try to embrace it for everything that it is. But it’s still important to know what does and doesn’t work over text. For example, a person’s text box isn’t the place to leave them a huge, novel-length essay about whatever topic, because nobody likes opening up their phone to see something like that.

Instead, keep things short and sweet, as less is definitely more. Say what you need and want to say briefly. Leave the lengthier, more serious discussions for your next phone call or in-person date. And when in doubt, simply follow your sugar baby’s lead and adopt a similar style to the one she uses.

These days, texting is more than just another new-fangled communication method young people prefer over a standard telephone call. It’s a useful, fun, and established way to stay in touch with someone – especially if either or both of you are busy people – so it’s essential to learn it. It won’t be long before you’re glad you did.