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How To Be More Confident

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One of the biggest challenges I see people face is a lack of confidence. Whenever I speak with readers 1 to 1 I always find the desire to dress better normally comes down to a lack of confidence.

Think about it, why do people want to look good? It’s normally to impress others, to impress themselves but most importantly to boost their confidence. But improving your appearance only masks the underlying issues behind your lack of confidence.

Low self esteem? Then read on… (video at the end)

4 Ways to Become More Confident

A lack of confidence can lead to an unfulfilled life, but how do you build more confidence? Here’s 4 easy steps you can apply instantly to gain confidence.

1. Self Analyse and Pinpoint Your Fears

What makes you not confident? What do you fear and what situations do you lack confidence? It can be anything… it could be meeting new people, public speaking, socialising, sharing your opinions or even going to the gym.

Sit down and reflect and write down the main fears you have. Also write down any situations you lack confidence or any people who you lack confidence around.

Self analysing is the first step and as always is the most important step to dealing with change.

2. Face Those Fears

Sounds simple right? Too simple you’re probably thinking.

A fear is simply a comfort zone waiting to be broken. After analysing your fears the only way you’re going to deal with them is face them.

There’s a really good book called ‘Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway’ and it’s true. You need to face the fears, break comfort zones and you’ll soon become more confident in those fearful situations.

Think back to when you first drove a car, or when you first went to school or started a new job. How did you feel? You probably felt pretty unconfident, but how did you feel 2 months after?

This is of course the hardest step but you’re not going to grow if you continue to live within the same comfort zone…

3. Stop Worrying What People Think

Again, it probably sounds more simple than it is. But the number one reason we’re not confident is simply a worry of what others think.

Good news… you’re really not that important.

You really don’t have that much impact on someone else to have to worry what other people think. I’ve always been a culprit for this, but as soon as you get over this you’ll soon realise how stupid you were to worry about other peoples opinions of you.

4. Adjust Your Body Language

Small adjustments to the way you stand, the way you sit, how you make eye contact and speak can have a huge impact on your confidence. Of course, the way you look and feel will also improve your confidence.

Think about your body language when speaking to others. Do you have your arms crossed? Are you making eye contact? Are you standing straight or slouching?

Try walking into a busy room with your head down, and then try walking into a room upright and smiling. Not only will the perception of you will change, but this simple adjustment will boost your confidence too.

Apply the 4 following steps and you’ll start to see an improvement in your overall confidence.

This isn’t a quick fix though. For however long you’ve lived you’ve wired your mind to the way it currently thinks, but applying these small changes will help rewire it to a new way of thinking.

Confidence comes from within…

Hopefully this article and video help :)

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Paul McGregor
Paul McGregor

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