Starting your day off with clean, fresh hair feels great. As we bask in our soft, irresistibly touchable hair, we appreciate the complementary spicy scent that goes hand in hand with your cologne. Heading down the busy city streets, you’re transformed into the Alpine woods as a lone ranger breathing in the crisp, fresh air of your surroundings… something only a freshly washed head of hair can give us. However, if you try to achieve this feeling everyday, you will end up with dry, sad hair. If you want to maintain that fresh feeling, follow these simple tips.

As everyone has completely different hair types and characteristics, this is not a one-size fits all type of guide. On average, a man should wash his hair around two to three times per week to maintain its healthy moisture balance and retain its natural oils. A shampoo’s purpose is to remove dirt and grit from your hair, but if you overwork this then it will diminish your hair’s natural oils leaving your hair dry and brittle.

If you wash your hair everyday, your hair will suffer as it becomes lifeless. Without the moisture from your natural oils, the hair becomes fragile and breakable, unable to style or work with. Too much shampooing strips the hair of the natural shine, creating dull, unattractive hair and prone to frizz and unwanted textures. You may also become prone to scalp dryness which leads to irritation and the worst side effect of them all. Dandruff. You will develop an unhygienic wave of dead skin that will flurry out of your hair like a snow storm.

Many people question this weekly schedule if they are frequent gym goers, therefore prone to sweat and workouts. If your hair gets overly greasy from this, add one more day into your weekly mix. This eliminates creating hair prone to breakage.

If you are truly concerned about the maintenance of your hair, you NEED to cater for your hair’s needs. Invest your time and money into products that will allow your hair to flourish and grow to its best abilities. There is no point in reaching your later years and complaining about hair loss, or lack of hair quality when you haven’t invested the energy into your locks. Maintain your relationship with your hair and enforce some shampooing self-love.