HOOHAA – Change the way you shop for your fragrances

Buying yourself a perfume or aftershave? Do you stick to the same one every time? Bored and fancy a change? HooHaa have come up with an innovative way you can try a different fragrance every month, letting you choose a quality fragrance at an impressively low monthly price.

How was it started, you ask? Breaking down the barriers of buying fragrances online, by coming up with the idea of a fragrance subscription for undiscovered brands. By finding brand partners to be part of HooHaa, there’s an inclusive selection process to gather small, independent fragrance producers, bringing you perfumes for men and women, that will touch your senses, memory and mood, and has the ability to stir you and immense you in an instant, that weaves a narrative from mislaid memories, past, present, love, emotion and even hopes and dreams. 

HOOHAA have a range of brands of fragrances that come in edits: As a subscriber you simply need to choose from three edits.

Easy Does it: Fragrances for those of you that are in a niche and want to ‘get out there’

and expand your taste.

Buckle up: Feel Like a challenge, then this is the edit for you! Try something different, broaden your knowledge on different fragrances, sounds like a winner!

Take Me To Mars: Well, if you want something that’s a bit more ‘out there’ and a perfect balance of bonkers and perfection!

Straight forward, no fuss, no hassle. HooHaa will let you manage to successfully order and discover a quality new fragrance online that you have never smelt before. Now that’s a result! HooHaa will drop 10ml bottle through your letterbox every month from your chosen edit, so every month for just £14.95.

HooHaa are here to stay – unlike the average British summer. Grab it while you can.

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