Happy Socks Athletic Range Launched

The days of the white trainer socks are over now that popular brand Happy Socks has just released their new therapeutic compression socks range of sports socks. Designed in bright, fun patterns but with sports-oriented details included, the range seeks to redefine the sports-sock market.

socks 55The range has been designed to incorporate light compression, arch support and cushioned sole details aimed at making the socks perform highly when put under pressure. The renewed cotton makes them soft and comfortable but the performance-oriented details elevate the range beyond the traditional trainer socks currently on the market.

socks 22The range is available in a wide range of instantly recognisable Happy Socks patterns, in bright colours to make them stand out. They are fun, different but have been designed with the intention of being suitable for every occasion.

For skaters, basket ballers, footballers, runners or just for people who want comfortable socks in different patterns, Happy Socks’ Athletic range is designed for everyone.

socks 33Spots, stripes and blocks make for distinctive, bold designs in bright colours, featuring blues, greens, reds, yellows and pinks. The performance details are cleverly disguised in the material, so no one will know that you’re wearing sports socks, offering an alternative to the boring, bland and aesthetically questionable white trainer socks currently available that hark back to your days doing P.E. at school.

socks 44These socks make a great option for someone who leads a busy, active lifestyle moving from work to the gym quickly, as they can be worn in both scenarios easily and will perform all day long.

Available in either size 36-40 or 41-46, they are unisex and are available on www.happysocks.com, at Happy Socks Concept Stores and worldwide retailers.