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Hallowe’en Gift Guide

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On All Hallows’ Eve, we will be surprised by some tricks and, with any luck, a few treats, too. Your plans, things to do, people to eat, all depend on what and where you buy your bloodcurdling supplies. Plan A: Party. Plan B (no invite): Film “fright” night. In this guide, we will show you where to buy the scariest treats for a night that we think should be embraced in open (zombie-like) arms.

Now we know what some of you are thinking. No, we’re not psychic (this guide isn’t that scary), but this: another Americanized holiday. But what is exactly wrong with that? There’s something mystical about this time of year. Cold nights; spirits. And while it is widely thought that Hallowe’en originated as a pagan Celtic festival, there is no real evidence that this was ever connected with the dead in pre-Christian times.

halloween 1

So if this is all just a bunch of hocus pocus, why not go all-out and celebrate it with bells, whistles, a few cobwebs and some gifts along the way. After all, if October 31st was just another day, it would be one more day we’d be thinking about the Christmas countdown, or a day just like any other- like today! At least, for one day, it takes our minds off the upcoming festivities and quandaries of reality and focuses our minds on the juxtaposition of fun, wonder and, most importantly, morality.

Ghoulish Gifts

Our department stores always bombard us with the most exciting and innovative gifts, and this year is no exception. You can buy tinned fear at Liberty as well as human preserves (we’re hoping they’re just jams and jellies!) as well as these scary treats at Harrods. And if that wasn’t enough, John Lewis even has haunted homeware covered to keep away the ghosts and ghouls with Selfridges providing an array of elixirs. Either that, or you could get creative with some asparagus tips and marshmallows by turning them into creepy fingers and howling ghosts.

hoxton suppliesmonster streetnight terros

pumpkin bagloose leaf teapetrified pumpkins

wilton pumpkinsjohn lewis batvolcanic orange

edible work gincrystal head vodkatrick or treat


Finally, here at MFM, we like to keep things new and fresh. And while there’s no hope in escaping bunnies and nurses from the opposite sex, as well as the obvious Maleficent-inspired costumes that we’ll probably see, our guide this year is not all about scary costumes, but how to take inspiration from the season and apply the ideas and fun of Hallowe’en to your autumn wardrobe; and what’s more, if you do get invited to a party, the following look will keep the spirits alive and keep your head dry. Why not go for a classic look and stand out from the crowd: Singin’ in the Rain? Invest in these classic day-to-day pieces to keep you stylish for many seasons to come (tip: just add some crazy hair or a touch of face paint to transform this look into a zombie-in-the-rain costume).

single checked coatswhangee umbrellaoriginal hunter

Persimmon Permission

You have our consent to go wild with your Hallowe’en ideas this year. While there’s always room for on-trend colours and seasonal fabrics, whether you’re into pumpkin or purpureus, it’s always innovative to take the idea of something like Hallowe’en and incorporate that into your daily lifestyle; not just colours and trends themselves. We have shown you how to be inspired by a look, but it’s up to you how “out there” you take this guide; just as long as you don’t start walking around with vampire teeth and too many chains, we think you’ll be safe.

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