Socks are a necessary item in everyone’s wardrobe, providing your feet with comfort and protection. This is especially important during the colder months, when keeping warm, cosy, and dry is crucial. When buying winter socks it’s important to consider the material, style, and length.

Fortunately, socks are made from a variety of materials which are carefully matched to the seasons, and are available in every colour and style imaginable. Whether you prefer a plain block colour or a printed pattern, there are plenty of styles available, meaning there’s a pair for everyone.

How to choose the best winter sock

The perfect winter sock is made of high-quality materials, which have the ability to retain heat. Having damp socks inside your shoes is not a pleasant experience which can be avoided by choosing practical winter socks to keep your feet warm. Picking the right material for your socks means your feet will stay warm and dry throughout the day. From October onwards you should be thinking about your autumn/winter wardrobe and checking whether you have the essentials. Do you have enough warm clothing to see you through the season? Is your coat water-repellant?Have you got enough pairs of thick socks?

The different lengths of sock—such as ankle, calf or knee-length—each have their own benefits. Ankle and calf-length socks are best suited for trainers and shoes, whereas knee-length socks go well with a winter boot. The thicker the sock, the greater the cushioning, especially socks with high wool content. When choosing a pair, consider your lifestyle and hobbies. Regular hiking activities or exercising will impact the style of sock you need to buy. Socks for wintertime need to be able to protect your feet against the climate and activity while ensuring your foot is well supported.

Which material is best for winter socks? – Wool

As an excellent insulator, wool is exactly what you want your socks to be made of when the weather gets colder. Wool socks will keep your feet warm for long periods—ideal for travelling or hiking, or even standing in a field on Bonfire Night. Even when it’s wet outside, wool winter socks are naturally water-resistant meaning your socks stay dry even when your shoes get wet. A pair of long, thick socks made with warm wool and smooth silk is ideal for a cold winter’s day. Available in a selection of season-appropriate shades, these socks are the perfect fit inside a pair of formal footwear or winter boots.

Merino Wool

Grown by Merino sheep, this wool is a better option compared to regular wool as it’s thin and super soft. For winter these are an ideal pair of socks as their natural fibres help regular body temperature and are odour-resistant which is exactly you want after hiking for hours. Merino wool is a moisture wicking fabric naturally drawing any perspiration away from the skin, so even when working up a sweat your feet stay dry. Choose a luxury pair to keep you warm and comfortable during winter.


Cashmere is a type of wool which has been used for hundreds of years. It is produced naturally, so there’s no need to worry about the impact of any synthetic materials on the environment, and thanks to the natural air pockets in the material, it’s ideal for insulation. A pair of mixed blend wool and cashmere socks that promise softness and warmth will see you through the colder months. These are available in a variety of seasonal hues, such as red, mustard yellow, and grey.


Cotton socks are perfect for simple everyday wear, but aren’t recommended for frequent outdoor activities. Cotton socks have the ability to trap moisture, which is a mixed blessing from season to season—if your feet get wet, they’re staying wet. For exercise, pick a pair with a low cotton content, but definitely avoid them if you’re fond of high-intensity workouts or long hikes, as they won’t do the job properly. A pair of chunky cotton blend socks are a good casual wear choice that will brighten up any outfit. These rugby style striped socks are available in a selection of vibrant colours from red and green to blue and yellow.

Timeless vs. trendy

Although socks are available in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns, you can’t just pick any pair for any outfit, and some are more suitable than others. A pair of bold orange socks aren’t recommended for a smart professional suit, but dark ribbed cotton socks blend perfectly with a formal suit and tie. For a more trendy, hipster look, stripes or polka dots might be more appropriate, or keep it safe with a classic plain black pair.

Top tips for choosing winter socks

If you travel frequently, opt for a long, thick pair of socks for extra cushioning and protection.

Pick the right socks. Many have been known to wear several pairs of socks on cold days, and although layering is encouraged during winter, wearing multiple pairs at once will increase pressure and cut off the blood circulation to your toes.
Knee-length socks are ideal for boosting warmth underneath suit trousers.
Check toe seams. Irritation and rubbing can occur if they’re not flat.
Always have a selection of neutral coloured socks which suit any occasion.
High-quality socks aren’t just for outdoor activities. If you’re prone to feeling the cold, you want the best socks in your drawer to keep your feet warm.

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